Treat acne like anything else you don't want around, get rid of it! In all seriousness, treating acne isn't difficult, but it does take a while. There are acne treatments that say that you'll get over night result, but that's very hard to believe. The medicine in these treatments is usually so harsh that it does clear your skin up quickly, but leaves your face raw and ready for the next major breakout. If you want to get rid of your acne for good you have to get ready for a long-term plan that uses natural and medicated methods. In this article, we'll also take a look at treating acne scars.

How To Treat Acne

In order to treat your acne and get rid of it forever, you must follow a balanced and regimented plan. This isn't as tedious as it sounds, and actually very easy. It's essentially a two-prong approach to clear your skin up; a good diet and face washing routine.

A healthy diet will include way more fruit, veggies, and nuts than things like meat, bread, and sugar. This is going to reduce the toxins inside your body that lead to more acne. Also, the reduced fat, salt, and refined sugar will help prevent your skin from being as oily as it currently is. All of this good food has to be backed up with lots of water. The water will hydrate your skin and flush most of the remaining, acne causing toxins out of your body. Not to mention, you'll feel great and have a ton more energy than you currently do!

Treating acne with a face wash routine is going to be different for each person. Your skin is probably drier than mine is, so you'll have to use a less medicated wash than I do. If your skin is drier you'll also have to wash less frequently so that it doesn't get overly dry. Find a face wash that is mild enough to allow you to be able to wash twice a day (morning and before bed) without making your skin raw and dry. When you find this acne treatment, stick to it! The medication needs time to work to clear your skin.

How To Treat Acne Naturally

You can treat acne naturally by sticking very closely to the diet outlined above and treating your skin with a natural cleanser. These natural cleansers will treat acne without chemical, and usually contain all plant-based materials. Some of these products are even organic, so you can wash your face without adding extra toxins back into it.

How To Treat Acne Scars

Acne scar removal can be done with natural ways or with a trip to the dermatologist. Laser treatments and chemical peels are very expensive, so I recommend starting with the cheap treatments for acne scar removal and working up to them. If you can treat acne scars with creams or natural methods, you'll have saved yourself thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery.

The most important thing about treating acne scars is that you have your acne totally under control before trying anything. There's no sense in getting rid of the scars to have to go back and do it again after more scars appear.

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