The rose is the symbol of love and also a flower that is loved by gardeners because of it's beauty. If you are going to plant and have roses in your garden you can encounter some rose diseases. In this article i am going to explain which kind of rose diseases there are and what kind of treatment/preventive steps you can take to protect the roses.

Important is to prevent roses from getting diseases in the first place. Some rose disease preventions are:
- water the roses by the soil to keep the moisture away.
- if you keep a schedule to fertilize the roses, make sure you always do it at the same time.
- clean your tools after dead heading and pruning, if there are any diseases on them they can not spread. - clean pruners with alcohol.
- keep your garden bed clean of leaves and debris to minimize chance on spreading.

Know we now how to prevent the roses from getting diseases, we are going to look at how some of these diseases can be easily recognized.

Easily recognizable by the black spots the rose gets. The black spots are about half inch big. Blackspot is a fungal disease that can be devastating for your roses, they will sure die if you do not treat them. One way to treat them is to remove the parts that are infected. You can also use a fungicide.

Recognizable by dark red to brown spots on the rose. This disease gets to the rose when it has a cut. You can stop Canker by cutting the canes of with the spots. This will stop the disease's progress but they are difficult to kill.

Powdery Mildew
When the leaves of the roses are dropping and the underside is white and powdery you have powdery mildew on your roses. One household remedy for this disease is one teaspoon of baking soda mixed with half a teaspoon of cooking oil. Add a quart of water to the mix and spray it on the leaves that carry
the disease. Make sure your garden bed is clean of infected leaves.

Rose Mosaic
If you see yellow and green spots on your roses like a mosaic you know they have rose mosaic. This disease is no fungi but a virus and therefor more difficult to kill. When your roses are affected emove/destroy all infected leaves.

Like powdery mildew rust is also a disease that is noticeable to the underside of the leaves. A rust like orange powder can be found there. A chemical treatment can cure the rose of the disease but make sure to destroy the infected leave.

If you use all the instructions i have give you on rose diseases you are able to recognize a disease and now know how to handle. Follow the prevention tips and get a garden bed where your roses in can flourish!