Are you wondering how to treat psychomotor hyperactivity?  If you are feeling extremely restless and too active, have a child who is or you know someone who is, then they may have this condition. You might have it for several reasons including an adverse reaction to drugs or food, too much sugar consumption or you could have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  Your autonomic hyperactivity could also be the result of extreme anxiety or sleep deprivation as well or another psychological condition. Whatever the reason is, I hope to offer you some cures and prevention methods to stop getting psychomotor hyperactivity right now.

What is Psychomotor Hyperactivity?

This condition is also known as psychomotor agitation or psychomotor excitement, or “akathisia.” defines it as “a state of too much muscle activity, or a time when one part of the body is too active such as when a gland produces too much of its particular hormone.”

It’s closely related to ADHD but may not be the exact condition. If you can’t stop moving and are way too active, and are finding your actions very impulsive and/or aggressive, you may be suffering from autonomic hyperactivity.

While this problem is quite common in children, it can also be seen in adults. ADD and an emotiona

l disorder like anxiety could be to blame as well.

How To Cure, Treat and Prevent Hyperacticity Impulsivity

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Here are some suggestions:

- If you suffer from anxiety or think you are suffering from psychomotor hyperactivity, I recommend avoiding caffeine and sugar at all times. This is one of the best steps you can take to cure and prevent yourself from this condition.

- If you still want a boost in the morning, there are healthy alternatives to caffeine you can consider such as green tea or a natural energy supplement.

- Avoid synthetic food dyes.

- Avoid artificial flavors and colors, chocolate, sugar, aspirin, etc.

- Eat whole foods that are low in sugar instead of foods high in sugar.

- You should strongly consider taking a B-Complex and Thiamine. I think this is one of the best things you can do to prevent hyperactivity from occurring. There are also several great ADHD vitamin treatments out there to consider.

*This one product below is a quick absorbing vitamin powder which should do the following:

Help you sleep better and cure hyperactivity - Contains no Processed Sugars or Chemical Alternatives.

- Reduce bedwetting incidends.

- Increase focus and attentiveness.

- This is good for both kids and adults.

Here is what one reviewer had to say:after a couple days of giving our son who was recently diagnosed with ADD the vitamins, we are seeing a drastic change in his behavior and concentration in learning. i like how the concentration of vitamins is very powerful, so we see a drastic change in how he can focus in school pretty quickly. “

Another person said they were thankful for this product because they no longer had to give their child drugs for ADHD:

“Our child's doctor told us he no longer has to take ADD medication, thanks to this product! I felt terrible giving my kid medication, and I'm very grateful I no longer have to! “

Here it is!

ADHD Vitamin Treatment

Another great product to treat hyperactivity AND to help with maintaining normal blood sugar levels is this life extension product with contains Thiamine.

Benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 (thiamine), supports healthy blood sugar metabolism and acts through several mechanisms to block the biochemical pathways by which high blood sugar wreaks havoc throughout the body.

Thiamine Product for Hyperactivity

Life Extension Benfotiamine w/ Thiamine 120 vegetarian capsules
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Another top rated product and perhaps the best B-Complex out there is this Super B-Complex by Nature Made.

  • Helps convert food into energy

  • No artificial colors

  • No yeast, starch or gluten

  • No preservatives

Here are some reviews on Amazon. People praise the product for giving them more energy but healthy energy and not hyperactivity:

I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference in those when I started taking this supplement. I can definitely tell if I miss a dose. I take one tablet first thing in the morning, and I have tons of energy all day long and don't feel completely wiped out after work like I used to.

I've never been a "morning person" and have always had a really long lag time before I feel like I'm totally awake...not any more! That's just amazing to me. I don't even really need my morning coffee in the morning! I'm quite pleased that it worked for me.”

Below is a great Vitamin B Complex that should not only help reduce symptoms of hyperactivity and psychomotor activity, it should provide you with clean, natural energy!

Best B Complex for Natural Energy

This is one of the best Super B complex products out there.

 Do you think you are alone with your hyperactivity impulsivity? You are not. There are many good books out there on dealing with psychomotor hyperactivity and treating it.

This book below provides a complete overview and explanation of the therapy, as well as practical sensory integration–based techniques that can be used by teachers and parents to help the hyperactive child.

I liked this book because it provides you with good emotional support - having ADHD or hyperactivity impulsivity or having a child with it can be a hard experience, and this book should really help you pull through!

"The book gives a better understanding and insight into the behavioral patterns and factors that might cause the hyperactive behavior of the child. The book includes a study of how the brain works, and helps the reader in their understanding the main sensory systems, of balance, touch, hearing, sight, feeling, taste, and smell..."Richard R. Blake for Reader Views

"This book is very well written. It is meant for parents and teachers and is done in an easy to read and succinct manner. It touches on every aspect of sensory integration. You will find information here on smell, taste, touch, vision, the effect of the environment in general, and more.

The information in this book will help the parents identify possible problems and give suggestions on how to begin to help their child...." Kathleen McStay Wagner, LibraryThing Early Reviewer.


Check it out for yourself below.

Best Book on Dealing With Hyperactivity

Thanks for reading - I hope this helped you understand hyperactivity impulsivity better and will help you cure, prevent and treat it in the future.