Treating shoulder problems and shoulder injuries require minimizing activity in the shoulder. Although shoulder exercises and rehab might be needed. You obviously want to avoid lifting things, or providing a lot of movement that can allow more wear and tear in the joints. Common shoulder problems are rotator cuff injuries, shoulder tendonitis, and shoulder arthritis. Usually a tear in the rotator cuff, can cause shoulder tendonitis. Inflammation to the joints which causes discomfort and difficulty of moment are symptoms of pain. If you have a shoulder separation, or shoulder dislocation, you'll definitely need medical treatment. You'll struggle to move the shoulder at all. Surgery might be needed, along with prescribed medication.

Shoulder injuries definitely require rest. Allowing the joints and tendons to heel naturally. You want to reduce inflammation. When you have a rotator cuff tear, or tendonitis, you want to apply ice to the shoulder. Use ice shoulder packs to reduce the inflammation and pain in the shoulder. You'll want to avoid lifting things with that shoulder and keep it stabilized.

Sleeping with should problems or shoulder injuries can be extremely difficult. I've dislocated my shoulder before, and that is the most difficult part. That is when pain hurts the most, because it's difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Sometimes you never do, and it's best to take prescribed medications if that's the case. You can also cause further injury if you sleep in the wrong position.

Sleeping on your back sometimes is difficult to do, depending where the pain is coming from on the shoulder. A good idea is putting a pillow beneath the shoulder where you feel pain. It does a few things. It provides extra cushion, and doesn't require you to put extra pressure on that shoulder. Sleep with your head turned to your shoulder injury. Sleep on your chest, with a very big, soft, and cushion pillow.

Exercise your shoulder with stretches. If you have a dislocated shoulder, or severe injury, follow your doctors instructions. Because just moving the shoulder will hurt. If you have shoulder tendonitis, or a rotator cuff tear, work it out. Stick your elbow outward, the elbow with the hurt shoulder. Put your opposite hand on the hurt shoulder. Then move your shoulder and elbow in a circular motions slowly. You need to exercise that shoulder and loosen the joints. Just don't lift anything, that's too much pressure to put on an injured shoulder and will cause further injury. More than likely surgery will be needed then.

If you're looking for a home remedy to treat pain, try turmeric. The Indian spice, that can help reduce inflammation and can improve symptoms. Otherwise, you might need a cortisone injection if pain continues. If symptoms don't improve within a week, or worsen, then you should definitely get medical treatment. Shoulder injuries should be treated. If they're severe, or there's a separation, you'll likely need surgery on your shoulder.