When you get dry cracked heels, it is both an undesirable look to have and could signal a health problem that you are unaware of. Another name for cracked heels is called heel fissures, due to the deep cracks in the skin all around the heel of the foot. A usual complication to this is having a thick layer of callus around the dry cracked heels which makes it all the more difficult to treat. You will need to put in extra effort in order to improve or get rid of the heel fissures all together.

The cracks in your heels are noticeable to anyone that can see your feet and can be painful to walk on in some cases. If you are overweight or have the tendency of wearing open shoes, you can make the problem a lot worse than it originally is. Dry cracked heels can be formed through several ways that you should be aware of. Those who are on their feet often greatly increase the chance of cracks forming, those who are significantly overweight put additional pressure on their heels causing the skin to form fissures, and finally those with diabetes have cracks form because their condition results in them having excessive dry skin allowing cracks to form easily. Now if you fit into one of those categories or you have the tendency to wear sandals often, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of developing dry cracked heels.

The treatment for this is quite simple, but it must be followed properly. If you have a callus around the heel fissures, you are going to need to buy a pumice stone. This will allow for you to saw it down gently, resulting in a smoother heel area and allowing the cracks to be more accessible. The next step is to buy some sort of moisturizing lotion or aloe vera and you need to apply it to the affected area. By apply, I mean really cover the entire area in lotion so that it can be treated. You should do this right before bedtime and put on a pair of old socks so you don't get your sheets dirty. Letting the cream work on your heels as you sleep for 6 to 8 hours will let the rejuvenation process work faster. Repeat this process every night for the next several weeks and you should see an improvement in the near future, depending on how bad your feet were. Dry cracked heels are a cosmetic nightmare and can be painful, but with proper treatment they can be improved or eliminated rather quickly.