Causes and symptoms of acne

Acne Management

Finding treatment or cure for back acne will not be easy because most topical or oral medications and remedies offered in the market are used for more obvious parts of the body such as the face and neck. Acne products for other areas like the back and chest are not often readily available. The products used for the face and neck are not usually compatible with the back and other body parts as well.

Aside from the formulation, there are other reasons why it is not advisable to use face and neck medication as a cure for back acne. One of which includes the difficulty associated with physically applying the product onto the back area. You can always seek the assistance of a family or friend to help you apply the cream, lotion, ointment, or oil but it becomes a problem if there is really no one who can help you out.

In relation to this, there are practical tips you can follow as a treatment or cure for back acne. Before we talk about these however, it will benefit you to know about the basics of back acne first.

Causes and symptoms of acne

Acne is a superficial skin disease characterized by the presence of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, pinheads, and nodules, a larger version of pinheads. Aside from the presence of these, additional symptoms include a skin with reddish and scaly marks or may even have evidences of scarring. Acne normally affects the face and neck but can also devastate other bodily parts such as the chest and back.

There are various causes why an outbreak of acne occurs in an individual. Some of which are psychological, hormonal, and genetic in nature.

Most acne cases are caused by hormonal factors. During puberty, adolescence, and even early adulthood, the increased production of sexual hormones caused the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce more fat. This in turn blocks the opening of pores and traps dirt and oil inside which causes the acne outbreaks to manifest.

Genes also play a vital role in acne. There are family lines that are genetically more prone to acne than other families. The genes which causes this is passed on from one generation to the next.

Psychological factors do not have direct impact on acne but various research studies had proven that personal psychological issues may cause acne outbreaks[1279] as well. These psychological issues include stress, anxiety, and a lot more. Poor diet and nutrition, lack of exercise, and a lifestyle of excessive smoking or drinking may also cause back, chest, neck, and face acne. As for food, there are specific food groups which directly increase sebum production. 

Acne Management

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 Management, treatment, and cure for back acne as well as other body parts can be categorized into prescribed or over-the-counter medications, medical or surgical procedures, herbal treatment, and diet or nutrition. Medications may include any of the following: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, retinoid in topical or oral form, hormones, and benzoyl peroxide which is the most used in this category.

You may also undergo medical or surgical procedures as a cure for back acne and outbreak in other body areas. Dermabrasion is one of the methods under this category. It involves scraping acne from the skin by removing the layer where the manifestations are evident. Phototherapy, another method uses laser treatment in removing acne and its symptoms. Surgical operations can also be done but only as a last resort for worse cases.

Besides medical and surgical procedures as well as medications, herbal treatment is also recommended. Certain herbal plants like aloe vera, papaya, and tea tree oil are recognized for their effectiveness in easing the symptoms of acne. This explains why these are often used in topical and oral products sold as a cure for back acne and related issues. Proper diet and nutrition, exercise, sufficient rest and relaxation avoiding stress, and promoting a lifestyle free of smoking and alcohol drinking can also greatly lessen the symptoms or better yet, can act as a cure for back acne and related skin problems.