Take Control Of Your Anxiety

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks can strike at any time. Sometimes they are a one off. Other times they are a more common and follow a pattern. They can be frightening and upsetting so it is best to try and manage it as soon as you can.

Symptoms include feeling hot, shallow breath, feeling dizzy, chest pain and feeling sick. So it’s not a fun time as you can see. Causes can be past experiences and fears, severe stress or big changes in your life. Treating panic attacks can be much easier than you might have first thought.


Step One

Consider learning about your condition. Knowledge is power, so read up on anxiety, and what might cause panic attacks. Sometimes understanding your condition a little more is half the battle and can help to make you feel more relaxed, more in control. It can also help you to detect if a panic attack is coming on so you can catch it early.


Step Two

Practice your breathing so that you can be in control when an anxiety attack starts forming. If you can manage your breathing then many of the other symptoms, such as chest pain and feeling dizzy, will not occur. This means you can now carry on as you were and hopefully the attack has passed.


Step Three

Cognitive behavior therapy can be exceptionally effective. Cognitive behavioural therapy works by managing your thinking patterns so that you can learn to re-train your brain. Basically it allows you to see things in a different way, or make rational decisions. Your thoughts are trained to think in a different way, one that breaks the pattern that usually causes a panic attack.


Step Four

Eliminating caffeine and sugar as well as alcohol from your diet can also help. Try introducing herbal teas into your diet as you gradually reduce the additives in other foods. Having a clean diet can be very effective as you reduce the amount of sugar and preservatives.


Step Five

Regular exercise can be a great help. Exercise releases endorphins and good feelings. It can also help you to relax, and increase blood flow.


Step Six

Medication should be the last resort. This may be natural remedies as well as prescribed medication. In some cases, medication can be the best remedy but it should be carefully managed.


Follow these six easy steps and soon you can be in control of your panic attacks. Anxiety does not need to ruin your life. There are simple strategies which when combined can have great results.