Bathroom vanity cabinets are something that often goes unnoticed. However with the recent trend of furniture being used as vanities really it's become a lot more intricate. You can really just take a piece that you already have and apply a few DIY projects or craft ideas to really get something special in your room. This saves you a lot of money but also takes a piece that everyone has in their home and makes it something special.

You can try out a decoupage effect. This is going to be a lot easier than hand painting but you still get the same look. Stencils were popular a few years ago but they just seemed a little bit too country and cheesy. They aren't really convincing. Instead, when you use paper it's really going to give more of a hand painted effect because all of the shading and intricate shapes are going to be there. This can also be something that you can go overboard with so be careful with that. If you do decide to apply this to a vanity surface then make sure that you keep the rest of your accessories in solid colors for balance such as your toothbrush holder.

Whenever you use decoupaging medium you need to check the back of the product. This is really going to tell you whether or not it's appropriate for use around water. You'll also need to consider steam so that your craft project really holds up well over time.

Another treatment that you can apply to a vanity door is paint. This works very well in a kid's bathroom, especially if you have a plain paneled door. In this case, you could just mimic the stripes of a beach towel directly on the door. You might want to leave your walls a bright white just so that your room isn't oversaturated with color. This is also a way that you can mimic molding. Of course you'll really need to pay special attention to the shadows but this can have a French kind of feeling. If you're just starting out stick with a very simple rectangular design style. This is going to give you a much more convincing effect in the long run.

This doesn't have to be a complicated process. Instead, you can just find ways to make a solid paint color really pop. One way to do this is to go with the latest fashion colors such as a bright turquoise paint. This is going to really update things but it's also going to be out of date just as quickly. However, since you're painting a smaller surface it's going to cost you less money. At the same time, it does make a big impact but it's in a concentrated area, which is perfect if you have a small bathroom because you can redo it later on.

Another thing that you can do is to work with a glass vanity door. You might be able to repurpose items from a kitchen cabinet or possibly even just work with stained glass. Usually a vanity is somewhere that you want to hide away a lot of items. In this case, you're going to need to use more of a frosted glass effect so that you don't lose any of the storage space.

You really need to consider the overall design style when you go shopping. For instance, if you're going with a rustic or country kind of theme then you're going to want to stick with a natural wood. This is going to be a little bit more expensive than laminate or painted versions. In this case the door should have a flat design which will work well with many themes that you might already have in your space.

A French vanity door is going to be a little bit more intricate. This could even be a round vanity with a lot of scroll work on it. It can have more of a cathedral style door to it. This is great if your space just has plain tile and you want an elegant look. Even if you don't have a lot of architectural details going on the vanity is going to become the focal point.

If you wanted more of a Southwest or Spanish feeling then you can really add embellishments yourself. Consider going with a painted piece of metal that you can just affix to the front of the door. Of course you'll need to frame out the edges so that it's safe around little fingers. This is going to probably patina over time depending on the material that you choose to go with because of the environment. This is going to give more of a rustic effect which can be the color inspiration for the rest of your room.

You can also go with more of a two tone effect. You can paint the doors a fun color and the vanity a different color. This is going seem a little bit disjointed. Instead, you could just paint the insets of the panels and leave the rest of the vanity in either a plain white or paint out a different color. You could even just change the color by one or two swatches on the paint chip and it's really going to make a huge difference in the space.

The Tuscan and traditional design styles will have a little bit of opulence combined with simple architecture. This is also a way to give an elegant look to your room. Usually, you will use a wood tone with a glaze over it for an aged appearance. This means that it comes out to more of a medium kind of color with a little bit of gray in it. It can have subtle details around the panels such as molding. Overall it's going to be the basic paneled door that you are very used to. Instead focus in on the color of the hardware with an oil rubbed bronze. This is going to work well with a wood grain and the top can be as intricate or as simple as you like depending both on your budget and the overall aesthetic that you want.