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Depression can effectively be treated without prescription drugs or any form of medication. This totally eliminates the nasty side effects that depression medication elicits. If you have depression or know someone who does, please take time to read this article as it has all you need to treat depression naturally.

Depression is a disorder that affects millions of people, both in the United States and in the world. It's probably the most common psychiatric complaint given to doctors, and has been described by physicians as far back as the time of Hippocrates, who called it ‘melancholia.’

One recently published report estimates that nearly 17 percent of all Americans suffer depression for the length of their lives. Depression takes many forms but is usually characterized by sadness, inactivity, hopelessness, low self-esteem, reduced energy and vitality, isolation and loss of control over one’s life. However, there are marked differences in how depression affects patients. In some cases, it may be short-term, while in other cases, it will be long term but intermittent. Causes of depression range from child hood traumas to stress at the workplace, home front, drug abuse, diet and what have you. Most times, a combination of factors is said to be responsible. Major forms of depression include clinical depression (dysthemia), major depression (bi-polar disorders, manic depression), post-stroke depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and post-partum disorder.

Over the years, depression has been cured with medication such as anti-depressants, most of which have horrible side effects. To avoid such, I’ve decided to share natural ways you can lift your mood, cure your depression, save your money and still suffer no side effects. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Meditation and Prayer - Meditation, whether you have depression or not, is good for the body. It lifts your spirit, connects you with the spiritual side of life and gives you a clear mind. From experience, it’s best done in the mornings before the daily rush. Prayer is also good, as it connects you with the spiritual side of life.

Guard Your Thoughts – Your thoughts, whether you believe or don’t, have a direct bearing on your mood. Learn how to stop the negative thoughts that bring you down, into the abyss of low-self-esteem. Learn about how to always see yourself in good light. Always affirm to yourself: “I’m beautifully and wonderfully made.” Control your thoughts, put your situation into proper perspective because other people also suffer from depression, you’re not alone in the battle.

Watch Your Diet - Get refined sugars, alcohol, coffee and other stimulants out of your diet. Stimulants give temporary energy but can deplete your serotonin levels in the long-run. A well-balanced and healthy meal is best for you as you battle depression, not an over-processed meal with artificial sugars and the like.

Cut Out Stress totally by observing and writing down the things that trigger your stress and work out ways to avoid them totally. Learning how to control your stress levels through time management, delegation, meditation, and others is crucial to keeping your depression at bay.

Get Some Exercise – It might not be too strenuous as even mild physical workouts like walking around the block can trigger pleasure-releasing chemicals in the body and give you a natural high.

Herbs – Herbal remedies, such as, St. John's wort can also be used to treat depression. It’s actually said to be one of the most effective herbal remedies for depression. Extracts of the herb have long been used in "folk" medicine for a range of symptoms and problems, including mood and depression disorders. In the past ten years, several randomized clinical trials have compared the effects of pharmaceutical preparations of hypericum with placebo and common anti-depressants. Considering its apparent ability to relieve mild to moderate depression, and its extremely low rate of side effects, nearly all the studies favour the application of hypericum treatments for mild to moderate depression and other related disorders.

Vitamins – If you do not eat well, take multi-vitamin supplements daily. This is because several vitamin and mineral deficiencies are known to lead to depression symptoms.

Dump Solitude, Make friends – Isolation is one of the reasons why depression is on the rise, so, dump it. Get out and seek friends. Such may not be your regular friends. They may even be people who are less fortunate in life. Seek them out and help them. You’ll be helping yourself eventually.

Get Enough Rest – Getting enough rest through sleep is also crucial to overcoming depression. An 8 hours or more sleep is highly recommended at night.

Get Plenty of Sunshine – Get plenty of sunshine daily. It’s known to lift the mood and boost your spirit. No matter what you do, try to get out for a sun bath.

Get Support, Ask for Help – Never be afraid to seek for professional assistance, if you need it. You can talk to a counselor, spiritual leader or anybody you feel can counsel and make you feel better.