A nice looking window treatment can really set off the rest of the kitchen, and there are many to choose from. Curtains and blinds are probably the most popular and even they can be broken down into their own categories; for curtains you can choose from sheers, cafe curtains, cotton prints and valances. For blinds you have faux wood, aluminium, vinyl and fabric from which to choose.

The hard part is in the choosing the right one that will enhance the rest of the kitchen. Starting with curtains, there are a few things to consider that can help you in the decision making process. You'll want to take into consideration the amount of light you'd like in the room; the amount of privacy you'd like, your budget and the way the kitchen is currently decorated so that whatever you choose will blend well with it.

Kitchen window valances always look attractive in county style kitchens. There's something homely about the simple style of valances. They don't offer a lot of privacy but do allow in plenty of light. This is something you need plenty of in the kitchen as you prepare meals - you don't want to not see what you're doing when using a sharp knife to cut up the vegetables!

Valances that are used as kitchen window treatments are often made from either lace or sheer curtain fabric or cotton material in single colors or with some type of print or embroidered work on them. They look right at home in a country or traditional style of kitchen.

You can often team valances up with tier curtains. Manufacturers have bought out tiers that match the top valances so you can get a little more privacy, however the tiers usually only cover the bottom half of the window so they still allow plenty of light into the room.

They are sometimes called cafe curtains and these usually come in packs with both the valance and the bottom tier packaged together in the one set. Besides sheer, lace and cotton, these cafe curtains come in variety of prints often depicting fruit or flowers. These look good in a kitchen that uses that type of decoration elsewhere in the kitchen. Be that in the accessories or the material used for seat covers; or you may have bowls of fruit or vases of flowers regularly in the kitchen that these cafe curtains really compliment.

Blinds also look good in kitchens especially if they are the more modern or contemporary style. Faux wood blinds look good if there is a lot of wood used in the kitchen furnishings. These blinds resist warping and splitting, unlike real wood blinds used in an area with such a lot of humidity so you're best to stick to the faux wood type. They look exactly the same as real wood and you can get them in a limited range of stains and colors.

Mini blinds and roller shades also look good in kitchens. Manufacturers have come out with a large range of colors in both these types of blinds so you shouldn't have trouble finding ones to match the colors in your kitchen. Any of these types of blinds is good to use in the kitchen because it allows you to adjust the light according to your needs. You can have them open during the day and then completely closed at night for privacy.

These are just a few kitchen window treatments you can use on your kitchen windows to add some flair and style to them, and your kitchen.