When you are hosting a wine tasting party, or perhaps simply a sunny afternoon, relaxing with friends by the pool, hors d'oeuvers offered with a suited wine will usually be a real winner.

If serving a number of wines at a get together, having the suitable snacks helps cleanse the palate in between different wines and, offering the right hors d'oeuvers can make a good tasting wine into a great tasting wine.

These are some principles for proper appetizers to serve with wine, as well as a few suggestions for quick and simple dishes.

The Basics
with cheese
Cheese - A typical accompaniment at wine tasting parties, cheese and wine go with each other like milk and cookies. The oils and flavors from the cheeses will assist to reduce a lot of the acidity from the wine whilst diluting the aftertaste of the wine. Using a large number of cheeses can make any wine tasting get together a terrific success. It is great fun attempting to match unique dairy flavors with favorite wines. Stay away from the 'stinky' range of cheeses because they will fill the air with their special 'perfume' and do not combine very well with virtually any wine. The smell is way better suited for very strong beer.

Crackers - A staple with lots of cheeses, crackers help to cleanse the palate while soaking up some of the alcohol in the back of your throat and cheeks. A tip with crackers is to keep it simple. Crackers with powerful flavors may actually alter the flavor of wines as they are so overpowering. Look for lightly salted, basic crackers that let the flavors from the cheese and wine come through. And, heaven forbid, do not include any cheese-flavored crackers. This just defeats the aim.

Nuts - An assortment of nuts is an ideal accompaniment to wine. The right assortment of nuts will go nicely with cheese, as nicely as wines. Macadamia nuts, walnuts, and almonds are great options for light, yet rich nuts to serve at a wine tasting get together. You can also opt to buy unroasted nuts and toast these in a skillet or cookie sheet and sprinkle with a gentle dusting of salt.

Dried Fruit - Given that dried fruit usually has a less heavy flavor plus a more solid texture than fresh fruit, a simple dried fruit selection can actually assist to play out the fruit tastes in the wine. Dried strawberries, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, and apricots are excellent additions to a wine tasting get together.

Cured Olives - We see more and more of such treats at prestigious parties and modern restaurants through wine tastings. The salty taste compliments many wines, while the briny solution will allow the mouth to salivate, therefore dealing with a few of the drier wines. Kalamata olives are an outstanding option that many people are accustomed to. Be certain to supply bowls for the olive pits.
Chocolates - Rich red wine and rich dark chocolates go really well together. Of all of the taste combinations, this is the one that can make people 'purr.' Select really good chocolate, rich in cocoa, which in turn means it will be a bit darker. You don't have to pick bitter chocolate. Search for darker, very smooth, individual chocolates which are free from fillings and nuts; you wouldn't want anything to distract from the chocolate-wine mix. Simple, solid, smooth chocolates that melt in your mouth will be the best accompaniment to most any red wine.

If you want a little something other than simple hors d'oeuvers, here are some simple dishes you could put together to expand your selection.

Bruschetta is a great snack for wine tasting because it combines the soaking capability of the bread combined with oily cheese and even some tomato and basil to help cut the level of acidity in the wines.

Bleu Cheese & Honey Dip mixes Bleu Cheese with a bit of honey, to provide you with a delightful salty and sweet mixture. To add a surprise 'oomph' to this cracker dip, add a very small quantity of White Truffle Oil in the honey before mixing in the bleu cheese. This kind of deeply rich flavor combination will certainly enhance your wine tasting.

Now you know the basic principles for just about any wine tasting function, including a few special treats to set your get together apart from the others. Choose your dishes as carefully as you would select your wine and your guests are going to be raving - and returning for much more!