I have been writing a series on landscape ideas for camping lots and I just could not resist adding this one to the mix. After the land is cleared, the dread tree stumps remain. Instead of having all of them removed, why not try using some tree stump patterns to solve the problem. Carving tree stumps for yard décor is gaining popularity over the last few years, and these carvings make for an interesting conversational piece. There are so many styles to choose from and learning how to do tree stump carving is not to difficult.

One of the simplest ideas that you can use a tree stump for is a table pedestal. What you can do if you have a stump that is about 2 foot tall is to saw the top of it flush. Then cut out of disk of wood about 3 feet wide and sand the edges until smooth. Paint it in your favorite color, or you can even paint some interesting art, polka dots, or whatever you like to fit the theme of your yard. Be sure to seal it so that it will be waterproof, and mount it to the tree stump. You have a table for the kids. To add another table slightly above the first, you can also go in toward the center a little less than a foot of the edge of one side of the table. You will want to be able to drill a hole through one side of the mounted table in order to secure another post to the top of the it. Drill a hole in the bottom of a round post and secure this to the tabletop. The post should only be about a foot and a half long. Drill a hole through the second tabletop so that you can secure it to the post. Make sure that you mount it about a foot in to the second table top so that is off center to the lower table. Now go about a foot in the opposite side of the second tabletop and drill a hole through it and drill a hole in a second post. This post will run need to be long enough to run from the second tabletop to the ground. Secure both post to the second disk and you have a table for the adult setting slightly to the right and above the one for the smaller folks. This is such a cool idea. For added security, you could set the post into the ground in some cement. When the spring arrives, we will do this project and I will post a picture so that you can get the idea. For now, here is a link to one similar to the idea that I have except I want space between the two table tops. For a formal look try using mosaic tiles instead of painting the tabletops.

Totem PoleCredit: PwarlickFor larger stumps, tree stump carving patterns work great to create one of a kind yard art. In this picture, a local tree stump sculptor created this for my neighbors. It is as beautiful as it looks in the picture. This pattern is in the style of a totem pole, and it definitely has great curb appeal. This type of sculptor requires skill with a chainsaw, sandpaper, and engraving tools. There are lots of videos on You Tube that demonstrate exactly how to do this. If you don’t fee qualified to tackle this feat, you can find tree stump sculptors on the internet that will come out and do this for you instead. This is a fantastic idea to deal with an unsightly stump. If you have two stumps in the back yard that are at least five foot high. You can have those carved with a totem pole design in mind, they can be utilized for stacking firewood between them.   Below is another tree stump carving that I found interesting. This carving may give you even more ideas for a design that you might like.

Working with the existing terrain can seem like a battle sometimes, however with a little creativityFish(40705)Credit: Pwarlick and skill you can pull off some unique and fantastic looking yard art. Tree stumps do not have to be a big deal if you can create something different and interesting with them. For smaller stumps consider turtles. Also, if you attempt this project yourself, leave about a foot of additional space under your sculptor for removal if you move away. Be sure to seal any tree stump carvings twice a year to protect them from the elements.