The 2011 commuter bikes from Trek are back again and with a few new features for the newest model year of their commuter bikes. You can literally commute with any bicycle, and people do whether it is a single speed trike or a carbon fiber fixie. The Trek commuter lines are designed to meet the specific needs of commuters as a whole.

Each commuter will have different needs and desires in a commuting bicycle, but as a whole Trek has covered a lot of these demands with their Commuter line-up for 2011.

New features for the 2011 Trek Commute bikes include flip-flop dropouts. Trek has also introduced a commuter bike with internal-gearing. The Waubesa is the Trek Commute model with the internal-gearing.

The 2011 Trek Commute bikes are from the Gary Fisher Collection except for the Trek Portland.

Trek Monona

The Trek Monona is a great bicycle for not only commuting, but also fitness rides and casual riding around the neighborhood. If you want to commute daily with the Monona then you may want to add on some fenders as the Monona does not come with them.

The Monona bike itself may look like an older model of bicycle, but it is simply a design that has proven to be successful with many bike manufacturers making similar models. Bike colors are subjective and you should never base buying a bike on the color of it, but with that said the Grey coloring can get monotonous year after year. Trek has had some cool paint jobs on some bikes, but the Monona is not one of them.

The front fork is Chromoly, no suspension fork here. Many riders seem to think that a bike without a suspension fork is a worthless bike. The Monona however, is a much better bike because of its' rigid front fork. If you are riding a lot of miles each day on pavement and asphalt then there is a huge need for quality bicycles without front suspension, and the Monona meets that need for many bike commuters.

Trek Mendota

The Mendota is very similar to the Monona except it comes with a carbon fiber front fork.

Trek Waubesa

The Trek Waubesa is designed to meet the rigorous demands of daily commuting year round, even in wet weather. The Waubesa features an 8 speeds Nexus internal hub. Many riders have found the internal gearing to be easier to maintain and to last a long time. If you prefer traditional gearing that is not internal then the Waubesa is not the bike for you.

Trek Wingra

The Trek Wingra features the same frame as the Mendota, bit with a more affordable component spec.

Trek Triton

The Trek Triton is the single speed bike. You can call it a messenger style bike. You can also make this bike into a fixie with the flip-flop hub. If you want a durable bike with only one speed then the Trek Triton is a bike to consider. Don't buy the Triton because you think it is cool or fashionable. If you need more than one speed and buy this bike you will not have any fun. If you truly enjoy the single speed phenomena then this may be a bike for you. The frame is steel and not aluminum. If you want a steel single speed then the Trek Triton is one bike you can consider.

Trek Portland

Each year the Trek Portland is criticized heavily by many bike enthusiasts, yet Trek continues to bring this bike back each year. Why do they do this? Because it is a very popular bike in their line-up. As with all bikes, you don't necessarily want to believe everything you read from bike bloggers but instead go to the bike shop and test ride the bike. A test ride is one of the best ways to decide of the bike will work for you or not.

The Trek Portland is the only bike that comes with fenders. The fenders on the Trek Portland however are not full fenders and many commuters end up swapping them out for some full fenders.

Trek Lane

The Trek Lane from the Gary Fisher Collection is a steel framed bike designed for daily use on the asphalt. If you want a steel framed bike that is geared and ready for the rigorous inductions of your daily commuting including snowstorms then the Trek Lane will be a bike that may surprise you. This bike is extremely durable, and as with all of Trek bikes, comes with a limited life-time warranty on the frame.

These bikes from Trek are designed as their commuter bikes, but do not limit yourself to this collection. Any bike shop has multiple bikes that will work for commuting, even if the bicycle is not specifically designed for commuting. These bikes were the ones Trek labeled as their Commute bikes, but any of their bikes may be a great commuting bike depending upon your needs.

An entry level mountain bike can make an excellent commuter bike. Each person who commutes has different demands. I use to commute on my 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo mountain bike. I no longer have to commute as I work from home, but the bike still works great. I consider my Wahoo as an SUV. It works great on the pavement and when I need to go off-road it will also work.