The Trek Ride+ bicycles are designed to give you the ability to ride farther and to ride faster. There are many electric bicycles on the market where you simply twist the throttle like a motorcycle and speed off. It is debatable to some people as to whether these are truly bicycles or not. One thing that is not debatable is that the `Trek Ride+ is a true bicycle.

Unlike other types of electric bicycles that allow you to throttle the bicycle without pedaling, the Trek Ride+ requires you to pedal. The electrical motor is provided as an assist to your pedaling. Do you need some extra oomph going up a steep hill? You can control how much assist you desire by easy to use controls located on the handle bar.

You can even use the electrical motor when descending a steep hill and you can keep your Trek Ride+ bicycle moving at the same pace without requiring you to use the brakes. It can be used like a semi-trucks Jake Brake except for a bicycle.

When you ride a Trek Ride+ you can truly ride farther and faster than you can on a non motorized bicycle. You may not become a Lance Armstrong type rider but you will sure feel like him, especially when you are powering up a hill with the motorized assist.

Many electrical bikes on the market do not look like traditional bikes. It is not obvious that the Trek Ride+ is a motor assist style of bicycle. You can see the battery back on the rear of the bicycle, bit other than that the bike appears the same as a regular bicycle. The Trek Ride+ bikes are in fact models that you can buy without the battery and motor assist.

If you are looking for a bicycle that will allow you to travel for miles without pedaling then you will want to look at other electric bicycle manufacturers, but if you want a true bicycle that will greatly enhance your natural riding skills then go test ride a Trek Ride+ at your local Trek dealership.

There are a variety of various Trek Ride+ bicycles to choose from. Regardless of what you seek in a bicycle you should be able to find a Trek Ride+ bicycle that will fit your needs. There is even a utility bike offered in the 2011 Trek Ride+ line-up with the Transport+ from the Gary Fisher Collection.

The 2011 Trek Ride+ bicycles include:

  • Transport+
  • Valencia+
  • FX+
  • 7200+
  • FX+ WSD
  • 7200+ WSD