The springtime is the best time for a road trip. The weather is not too hot where you get fried in the car, but it's not too cold where you wouldn't want to leave your house. This idea is what prompted my family to take our road trip this year. Road trips are personally my favorite! What's more fun than packing all your luggage and hopping into the old van for a trip across the states? Though spending hours crammed into a small space with your relatives may sound less than desired, it's actually not that bad! You'll look back on this years later and wonder why you haven't taken more of these trips in the past. While I was researching places for my family to go, I came across some great vacationing ideas that all surround St. Patrick's Day! Though my family didn't get to see any of those festivities, doesn't mean I shouldn't share them with you! Turns out these events are going on all over the country in the month of May! Look over these suggestions and start planning for your trips next year!


Boston, Massachusetts

            Boston first recognized St. Patrick's Day in 1737 and have had a giant celebration annually ever since! If you want to find the oldest and most ostentatious St. Patrick's Day festivity around, Boston is the place to go. With it being one of the initial predominate Irish cities in the nation, you wouldn't want to miss out their celebration. Around 800,000 people attend Boston's St. Patrick Day every year! Don't miss out on the live music and dancing!


New York City, New York

            The big apple becomes the big green apple for St. Patrick's Day every year. Here, you will find the third oldest St. Patrick's Day celebration in history! Not to mention, it is advertised to have the biggest and the best parade in the world. Millions of people gather on the streets of NYC to witness this monumental celebration. Drink some green beer and watch the parade of jugglers, marchers, bag pipe players, dancers and jesters! This historic parade is one to remember for the books.


New London, Wisconsin

            For a week, New London changes its name to New Dublin in dedication to this shamrock filled holiday. This is the only city to annually change its name just for a holiday. Visit New Dublin for a week of epic family fun. Don't forget to check out the cultural reenactments, music, and the beef and cabbage! Before the parade, there is also Finnegan's Wake enactment. There are activities for boys, girls and folks of all ages!


Chicago, Illinois

            Have you ever seen a river run luminously green before? Well, I haven't either! Every year, the Chicago River is dyed green just for St. Patrick's Day. It also boasts two St. Patrick's Day parades too! Having two parades has been a tradition since before the Civil War. Each parade brings in almost 300,000 people! With a green river AND two green parades--you'll be seeing green for days. Dress up head to toe in green and join in!


San Francisco, California

            If you want to submerge yourself in culture, San Francisco is a can't-miss city. Not to mention, it is also a giant party ground during St. Patrick's Day. They have the biggest St. Patrick's Day parade west of the Mississippi! You can't beat that! Join the crowds as the parade follows the historic trolley tracks though the city. They even offer free cab rides for those of you who want to see the city yourself. You will find live Irish bands playing, with more pan flutes, bagpipes, and fiddles than you can count! Join in on the fun and dance a little jig!