Mobile Marketing

Mobile phone and mobile device use is exploding worldwide. Marketers and researchers are racing to find ways to market to these users on a whole new frontier. Read on to learn the ten current trends in mobile marketing.

Marketing made up of representatives from companies like AdTriple , comScore , Praises , Lumata , Mobiledreams , Nielsen , off and on, Pocketwidget , PRISA Digital , Scanbuy , TapTap , Telefonica , Unkasoft , Via Channel , Yahoo! and Yoc, made a report which analyzed the current situation in this segment and identified 10 trends in mobile marketing will start during this year and may be the key to its growth .

1. Digital Convergence.

They tend to speak of a single digital market, regardless of the type of device by which is accessed, but at the same time become the multi-device users.

2. Unification of meters.

Will begin the first steps to create measurement standards for evaluating one or the other device in a unified manner. For its part appointed comScore as the company responsible for analyzing the mobile Internet audience.

3. Growth in advertising spending.

It is expected a significant increase in advertising investment, which will be driven by location, payment and customization that allow mobile devices.

4. High level of interactivity.

This will be achieved through the development of geolocation and augmented reality.

5. Mobile payments.

Creating new payment options that are easier, practical and integrated into the phone, make this the best option for electronic commerce. This enables companies to implement new strategies, but that requires elements of trust to their customers.

6. Near Field Communication (NFC)

This trend is closely linked to the previous one, because if it says otherwise, the cell will serve as a credit card to make purchases and acquisitions. Open new spaces, but requires users to obtain new elements, leaving the question of how many phones will have NFC devices later this year.

7. New mobile devices.

We will see the arrival of new mobile devices to cope with the iPhone / Iphone as well as increased competition in the development of mobile web applications and which will improve the user experience and increase traffic.

8. QR Codes

It is expected that such codes are used by 9 out of 10 people drawn to see more information, data or images on a brand in public or printed. Currently, experts say, are known for 64 percent of the people who own a mobile device.

9. Integrating apps campaigns.

The applications represent a new opportunity to communicate to their customers and therefore be a fundamental tool in digital strategies. It was noted that 67 percent of apps are downloaded from magazines or websites and only 11 percent of advertising, margin will be improved over 2012.

10. New business models.

It takes more force model streaming, P2P and free content or get new ones that make the classics like the pay per download are displaced.


It will be the new frontier to be faced by mobile marketing industry to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medium to clients and agencies.

12. Privacy.

There are many factors that can lead to security and privacy are at risk or see that takes a negative view about where will go the right user privacy, but the fact that they see advertising as a motor economic for mobile services makes this becomes both practical services and in perception, as it is being forced to establish a transparent and had not been done before.