What are you Reading?

If you are looking into getting into the ebook market then you need to know about the trends in ebook downloads.  These trends will deal with a number of different aspects of ebooks from the pricing to the most popular genre.  When you know about all of these trends you will be able to determine where you fit in ad what you should be doing.

The eBook versus the Paperback

The first trend you might notice when you look at ebooks is their sales compared to the sales of paperback books.  The sale of ebooks is slowly, but surely creeping up on the sales of paperback books.  In the years between 2009 and 2012 the sales of ebooks grew from only 2% of the market in 2009 to 23% of the market in 2012.  This is mainly due to the accessibility of ebook readers and the fact that more devices now support ebook format.

When you look at the increase in sales you have to look at the devices that can read ebooks.  At one point you had to have a dedicated ebook reader like the Kindle.  However, this is no longer the case as most tablets allow you to read ebooks on them as they support the format and the purchase of the books.

Paper books are declining with the increased access to devices that can support ebooks.  The ease of reading and ebook and the lack of storage space needed are other advantages that you have to consider.  Low cost internet connections can also be a factor in the rise of the eBook popularity. Sky offers some great packages that are really affordable.

The Increase in Self Publishing

One of the trends in ebooks that you have to take note of is the increase in the number of self published books.  Before the ebook it was a costly affair to publish your book yourself.  Today it is much easier as you simply need to format the book and place it on a website like Amazon.  In fact, Amazon has a self publishing service that helps with this. 

The number of self published books that are selling on websites like Amazon is increasing.  This is a trend you have to know about if you are going to be selling books or want to create a book yourself.  Of course, when you look at self publishing, think about what the trend of genre download is.

The Genre Download Trend

In 2012 there were a lot of self published books released on websites like Amazon.  The 5 most commonly downloaded genres for these books were Romance, Paranormal, Thriller, Mystery and Fantasy.  The fiction section of ebooks is generally more popular than the non-fiction section.  This is a trend that no-one really knows the basis of.

The basis of this trend could be the fact that non-fiction books are often used as reference material.  It could also be based on the feeling that people have in regards to ebooks.  This feeling is that you are going to be using them for light reading.  Regardless of the basis of the trend you need to know that these are the popular genres for self published books.

The Recommendation Trend

Another trend is the recommendation trend.  With paperback books people will often read the summary and then decide if this is the right book for them.  There are other times when they will look for recommendations of the books from other sources before they buy. 

A surprising trend in ebook downloads is that as of 2012 92% of consumer trusted recommendations from friends and family more than any other recommendation.  This could be due to the increase in self publishing which has produced a number of books that would otherwise have been missed.  There are also a lot of people who simply download any book that they can get with the idea that they can delete it if they do not like it.  This is a trend that you generally did not get with paperback books because of the physical nature of the book.

eBooks and the Use of the Internet

There are a lot of people who assume that anyone who is reading an ebook will be technically savvy.  This is not necessarily true as technologically savvy people are not the only ones with ereaders.  However, there are some trends that you should consider with the people who download ebooks.  Knowing these trends will help you with marketing and getting the word out about what you are going to be doing with ebooks.

Over 90% of the people who download ebooks will be on Facebook and use an email or instant messenger service.  The email service use is not actually that surprising since most people do have an email account.  However, you should take note of the Facebook figures as this can help with any marketing that you are thinking of doing. 

However, you have to consider the frequency of the Facebook trend.  This means that you need to consider how often the over 90% of people actually go onto their social network account.  The fact is that only approximately 60% of the 90% will be on their social media account weekly.  This can negatively affect any marketing that you are looking to do.

The Gender of Buyers

A trend that you will find with the downloading of ebooks is that more women do this than men.  It is stated that around 60% of all ebook purchases are done by women.  There are some people who state that this is one of the reasons for romance novels being the best selling self publishing genre. 

Where People Buy and Download Books

When you consider the trends in ebooks take note of where people are buying them and how they are downloading them.  Amazon is the largest ebook seller and the sales that come from this one website account for 30% of the total amount spent on ebooks.  This is a large amount and possibly driven by the Kindle which is linked to Amazon.  This device is still the premier ebook reader and the Kindle tablets are also able to support ebooks. 

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