Trendy clothes for women will have you looking like you are at the height of fashion no matter your age or size. You can always find designer looks for less. This way you'll still look like a fashionista and have some money leftover in that oversized purse. Here are some tips on finding trendy clothes for women and incorporating them into your existing wardrobe to match your style and budget.

Get an oversized sweater or cardigan. These seem to be in the height of fashion and can also cover up a multitude of sins if you are wearing skinny jeans or leggings. It's a comfortable, flowy look. However, it may remind you a little bit of your grandma. As such, it probably won't be around forever. So just buy one of these pieces and don't spend a lot of money on it.

The thing about trendy items is that they'll become dated quickly and you just won't be able to hide the year that you bought it. Instead, you'll want to just buy one or two pieces every season and mix them in with your wardrobe staples like the little black dress or basic demin jeans.

There are a few colors that will make you seem up to date. You can still wear your favorite brands and comfortable clothes, but just change a few of the shades. This is a great way to mix fashion in with your everyday life. Right now these seem to be a brighter color paired with gray. Gray is a refreshing change from black but it still matches almost everything else you have. Bring in bolder colors on your accessories. Turquoise, emerald green and yellow all seem to be the must haves right now.

Return to femininity. The trend seems to have gone towards lace and ruffles. You can even find these items on basic t-shirts if you want a wearable piece of fashion that works in your everyday wardrobe. This femininity is balanced with unusual colors. Sure, purple is still in fashion but it's a bolder purple. There is also a gray more washed out lavender on the scene. This will keep the feminine lines from seeming like they belong more on a kindergartner then a runway model. If you are just buying a basic shirt look for one with a slight flutter to the sleeves for a softer look It's also popular to have a jeweled neckline. Don't get out your bedazzler just yet. These gems are oversized and used with restraint so it's not a total throwback to the 1980s.

If you ever go shopping for a winter coat you may discouraged by your lack of options. Since you'll be wearing it almost everyday in the winter it needs to work with a lot of different styles. You might only be able to afford one coat so it needs to work for both casual and dressy occasions. For a trendy look go for a lot of buttons like a pea coat or a military style coat. There are also a lot of vintage inspired pieces around. For this look make sure that the faux fur is oversized. Oversized shawl collars or a wrap design will have you looking fashion forward while still giving that vintage nod. You can also find a coat with a belt to help you define your waist.

Another trendy look is the return to chic dressing. There seems to be a lot more flattering silhouettes lately. Gone are the decades of too baggy clothes followed by decades of too tight clothes. There are a wider range of popular silhouettes available for all different kinds of body types whether it's a baby doll or just a classic sheath.

Accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to get an updated look. If you can't afford a whole new wardrobe then go for a ruffled handbag or vintage inspired purse. Even if you carry it everyday it will still be high on style. As far as accessories pick up a belt. Don't worry about wearing it on your jeans instead play around by wearing it over sweaters or a t-shirt. Sunglasses should be oversized for that glamorous Hollywood feel.

The emo movement really seems to be influencing mainstream clothing but this doesn't mean that you have to look like your teenage daughter. Instead, go for a bold but simple graphic like a checked shirt or blazer to add an edge to an otherwise plain look. It seems like whatever was popular on Project Runway lately really mixes into the mainstream. From the past few winners and contestants there has been an insurgence in military style and a return to vintage. Of course, you'll need to find more wearable, budget friendly versions then what the designers invent. However, just watching the show is an easy and fun way to stay fashion forward.

As for evening wear, sometimes less is more. Short dresses seem to have become appropriate for more formal events. Instead of crazy color the dresses have almost become architectural. You'll see a lot of ruching for the perfect fit. You'll also come across more flowy dresses that have several tiers to them. The dresses themselves often have intricate pleats or additions to where they almost look like a mermaid or knight. This won't be flattering on every figure type but you'll definitely stand out, even if everyone else in the room is wearing a black dress as well.

Bohemian style clothing also has become a big trend. You'll need to find the right shapes for your body so that your fashion aspirations don't turn into a disaster. You can even go with a fitted tunic and lots of jewelry to replicate the same look on a budget. You can also stick with subtle patterns on these clothes as long as all the colors are muted.

Trendy clothes for women right now seem to be in an anything goes area as long as it's bold. You can also mix all different styles and eras together to get a custom look. Look for dramatic colors, clean lines and lots of accessories to get that fashion forward feel.