Trendy haircut styles are like an epidemic. One day, only a single individual walks down the street with that hairstyle. She gets photographed and the next thing you know, everyone is strutting with that look. Obviously, you do not want to be a clone of everyone else. Therefore, what you want to do is to be able to personalize your hairstyle.

Take for example the traditional bob haircut. All it is is a hairstyle cut short and layered at the back. This has a potential to be one of the trendy haircut styles. However, several people has made the bob their own.

Now, we are all familiar with short hairstyle haircuts of the Victoria Beckham bob, the Rihanna bob, the Katie Holmes bob etc. How did they vary up the haircut? There are several means. You can stylized it by differing the lines, the ends or the shape of the hair. Posh Spice did it by making the front of the hair long. Rihanna made her cut follow the contours of her face.

Likewise, you can apply styling tips to achieve personalized trendy haircut styles. There are several things you can try to do. There is experimenting with color and highlights to create a more stylish look and emphasize the layers and texture.

Simply be careful about the color you choose that it matches your complexion and does not go overboard. If it is not your wish to color your hair, you can also try other things. For example, there is playing with how the cut shapes your face.

Nowadays, with the resurgence of bangs as a trend, you have a range of choices and contours. If you have a big forehead, you may go for full bangs. If full bangs is a bit too much for your taste, you can go for more conservative bangs.

Contours can also be achieved by playing with the front part of your hair. Another example would be playing with the layers and the tips of the hair. It would create difference on the overall look of a person. Funky layers and tips create a more sporty casual look while sleek ends would create a more sophisticated look.