Metallic tank leotards are some of the hottest styles for dancers and performing artists to wear to the studio for practice or for a competiton. I love leotards of all styles. Way back when I was a ballet student, I had one tank-style garment in pink stretch lycra. That was the general fabric that ballet apparel is still made from today. Because I still embrace the perforimg arts to this day, I love window shopping through dance supply companies to check out the latest styles. One design that can be gorgeous to look at are those made using stretch metallic fabric. Below are a few of my favorite picks.


Perfect Balance Strappy Back Gymnastic TankPerfect Balance Child "Mystique" Strappy Back Gymnastic TankCredit:

 One of the things that I love about this fabric is the sheen. The dancer almost looks as though she just stepped out of a swimming pool, which I think is really cool. The diagonal cut of the color stripes makes it sporty. Pink and silver have always look great togther. This is a beautiful style for a young gymast. Perfect Balance is a reputable manufacturer that appears to making leaps and bounds in the leotard design world. They have super-cute styles. I wonder who their designer is? They are doing a great job.


Royal Blue Metallic Tank With Multi-Colored Stripes And RhinestonesPerfect Balance Royal Blue MystiqueCredit:

If you love your leotards bright, you just might love this one! Not only does it have a gorgeous base color in royal blue, those stripes are pretty cool too. This one has rhinestone detailing for extra sparkle. It also comes with a free matching scrunchie. That is one thing that I always thought was really cute about gymnasts; wearing their  hair up in a scrunchie that matches their outfit.

Now that I have picked a silver one and a bright blue one  I am hard pressed to make my last choice. I am sure that you the reader don't want this to go on and on forever because I could keep listing one cute style after the other.

GK Elite Purple And Silver Tank Leotard-The Show Stopper

GK Elite Purple-Silver Tank LeotarddCredit:

I had a hard time choosing between a lighter shade or a dark bright one. I went for this awesome number by GK Elite  for the pure trendiness of the style. The combination of silver on purple has so much drama and visual impact it could do a balance beam routine all by itself.

I know that this brand is pricey, but it is a show-stopping  garment nonetheless. Purple is the color of royalty. Silver signifies wealth and priveledge. Put a metallic finish on such powerful colors and you have a real winner!

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