Trestle Tables for Sale
As one of the oldest types of furniture, next only to the pedestal design, trestle tables for sale are not too difficult to find. These are extremely popular and widely used all across the globe, and have been for centuries. Up until the Middle Ages, they were commonly used in Rome and made from marble or stone. Nowadays, wooden models flood the market, but they now have a lot more competition from other, stronger-based designs.

Trestle tables are often considered more convenient than traditional styles because there are no fixed legs at each corner that tend to get in the way, and they can be easily assembled and stored away for occasional settings. In this article we'll review some of the most popular brands for sale.

The Best Wooden Trestle Tables for Sale

The first model we're going to look at is made by John Boos. This piece is available in two heights; you can choose from either dining or counter height, which gives you a variety of sizes to consider whether you want to put them in your kitchen or dining room. These trestle tables also features an elegant walnut edge grain construction with a Varnique finish and finger joints.

As an Eco-Friendly product, you can rest assure you are doing a green service if you choose to purchase this model, and they even have matching benches to go with it, but they are sold separately. You can find the John Boos trestle tables for sale on several online stores like Amazon, and they range in price from $400 to $1130 depending on what size you want.

The next trestle tables are a lot more elegant and classy than the previous option; it's called the Homelegance Venice Collection dining set. Inspired by the historical Italian gondola, this timeless dining set has a gorgeous antique cherry finish and ash burl veneers with gold crowns and precisely carved artwork.

These trestle tables are quite generous as the seat up to ten people and come in three dimensions of 46" L x 30" H with width options of either 80", 98", or 116". The Homelegance dining set really stands out with its unique and intricate designs like the curvaceous bombay fronts and decorative leaf carvings.

The Homelegance models are not cheap by any means; but with a collection such as this what do you expect? The collection is generally priced between $1100 and $1300, but you can find them this brand of cheap trestle tables for sale at and ModernFurnitureWarehouse for $1109 and $1099, respectively. Not a bad deal when compared to the average cost.

Now that you know some of the best trestle tables for sale, go out and shop around and try to score a cheap price. The internet is a great way to go about this as there are tons of website that have these available. You can easily compare prices between them using helpful tools like Google. They have a Shopping feature that is wonderful; it gives you results from every store as well as the prices. You might be surprised at some of the deals you can get on cheap trestle tables by shopping online!

Why Buy Trestle Tables for Sale?

So what is it about this furniture that makes it so unique and has made it popular for so many centuries? For one, they tend to be a bit more affordable than many other designs, and this is for a few reasons. Trestle tables for sale don't normally require a lot of wood to be used when constructing the frames because they aren't really all that big or bulky compared to a lot of other common styles. The tabletop of course is just a simple board of wood that rests over the support system, nothing too fancy about that. For these reasons, cheap trestle tables for sale are quite easy to come by; even the nice models made from solid oak or mahogany are still relatively inexpensive just because of how basic the design is.

Even though they may have a basic design, trestle tables are actually known to be one of the strongest and sturdiest types of structural frames in the world, and it's not just for furniture, either. The design used for trestle tables can also be seen supporting large bridges that run over bodies of water, as well as many railroads. They say the triangle is the most sturdy shape, and if you look at the support legs of this furniture, you will notice that they do resemble a triangular shape. This design has proven since the days of Ancient Rome to be strong enough to support even the heaviest of tabletops.

If it isn't enough that there are so many cheap trestle tables for sale to choose from, then add in the fact that they have shown numerous times to be strong, sturdy, and built to last, and you have a formula for why this dining furniture is, and has been, so popular for so long.