How many sites have you visited telling you how to find a niche market but never tell you how? How many articles about niche market have you read but without revealing the niche. At times, there is no secret to knowing which niche market might be profitable. Most writers just improvise as they going along. How many times have you read about the word SEO writing? There are literally millions of articles and sites dishing out information about niche writing. The truth of the matter is that nobody really knows. If Google isn't revealing the secret how can anyone make affirmations?

In my experience you need to look at writing from a broad angle. What receives better search ranking will not necessarily make you more money. Why? Go ask Google! Writing relevant articles at times doesn't mean much either. However, there is nothing preventing you from trying.

How you might wish you could read people's mind and figure out what they want so you could write about it. That is not possible so here is my method that I have baptized. Trial and Error Niche Writing:

You need to choose about 20 different subjects and write 10 different articles about each subject. That will make a total of 200 articles. Once you have covered the steps, you will begin to see a trend that might help you find the niche you are desperately looking for.

Religion: Nobody goes to church these days but people are still interested in god. Topics you could write about

1. What does God look like?

2. Does God like Gay people?

3. What if God was a woman?

4. The history of religion

5. Christianity versus Islam

6. Women in Islam versus Women in Christianity

7. What about the idea of a female Pope?

8. Women family and spirituality

9. Should you believe everything in the Bible?

10. Religion and hatred, why?

Food: The last time I checked people are still eating so you need to give this a try. This is a list of ideas

  1. Food that can make you lose weight

  2. Food from Asia

  3. Food from Africa

  4. Food everyone loves but should avoid

  5. I am addicted to food

  6. Why do I hate food

  7. Eating in a restaurant versus eating at home

  8. How much does it cost to feed a family of 4?

  9. Liquid food, secret to weight loss?

  10. Food that I hate but everyone loves

Marriage: Divorce is rampant but people are still getting married. Here are 10 suggestions

  1. Naturism and marriage

  2. Marriage that will never last

  3. Marriage without love is it possible?

  4. Children can ruin your marriage

  5. Infidelity and lust in marriage, why?

  6. Communication versus Talk in marriage

  7. How to fight for your marriage

  8. How to deal with a difficult husband

  9. What is cooking in your marriage?

  10. Till death do us part and promises in marriage

Cars: You might think this is for men, you will be surprise what you could actually write about.

  1. How to buy girly cars

  2. Buying cheaper cars online

  3. Cars comparison sites

  4. How to change your battery, female guide

  5. How to wash your car on the cheap

  6. How to find car air freshener

  7. How to choose the color of your car

  8. What is power steering

  9. Cars for the macho male

  10. Cars you should never waste your money on

Flowers: this subject should be self explanatory and you could write a lot about it

  1. How to grow roses successfully

  2. How to decorate your house tastefully with flowers

  3. Flowers and their meaning

  4. Flowers not suitable for indoors

  5. Flowers for bereavement

  6. Difference between flowers and wreath

  7. Flowers that survive in water

  8. How to trim your flowers and plants

  9. What to do with dry flowers

  10. Flowers and gifts how to be creative

Wedding: The big day is everyone woman's dream. Here is a list of articles you could write

  1. Wedding disasters to avoid

  2. Wedding day invitations

  3. People you should not invite to your wedding

  4. Big weddings versus small weddings

  5. How to steal the show on your wedding day

  6. Wedding dress and your husband's opinion (not that you care)

  7. Handmade wedding dress

  8. Calculating the cost of your wedding

  9. Wedding party, overkill you should avoid

  10. Stress and your wedding day

Sport: there are so many crazed sports fans out there who would glad read your article.

  1. How to become a WAG

  2. Sport for women and ladies

  3. Football and religion

  4. Drugs, Sports and Sex

  5. Why is the super bowl so popular

  6. Marathon and the Kenyans a match made in winning

  7. Popular sports women like

  8. Sports and racial equality?

  9. How to run for fun

  10. Eating and sports, doing it the right way

Death and funerals: Death is good for business. Oh! It is also sad so you could choose what you prefer

  1. How much does a funeral cost

  2. Should you celebrate death or life

  3. How to fund your funeral

  4. Death insurance a rip off or common sense

  5. How to cope with death

  6. What happens when we die?

  7. Do you believe in the afterlife?

  8. Funerals and traditions

  9. Muslim funerals

  10. Funerals and party, a contradiction?

Birth: you don't have to be a mother to understand and write about it

  1. Why are men afraid of birth

  2. Birth and depressions

  3. Could men suffer from post-traumatic stress?

  4. Giving birth to the wrong child

  5. Giving away your baby

  6. Home birth or hospital birth

  7. Birth insurance

  8. Why do babies cry none stop?

  9. What if new born could talk?

  10. How to prepare for birth when you are clueless

Love: don't you just love that loving feeling? Now it is your turn to let others know

  1. Love songs and illusion

  2. Love songs and macho men

  3. Why men can't say I love you

  4. Why women love to be loved

  5. Love versus obsession

  6. Why is love so difficult

  7. Loving people and loving animals, the bitter truth

  8. Love and jealousy, what to do?

  9. Real love versus infatuation

  10. It is wrong to love me?

10 More subjects will to developed in part two







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