As I previously told you about the beginning of my experience with trial by jury part #1, I will continue to inform you of the chain of events that took place at 2:10 PM. If you would like to begin with part #1 please feel free to read my previous post explaining how this jury trial started from the onset of the important letter.

Before I even begin to divulge anything more to you, it was required to be on time and sign in respectably ready to be a juror. I was checked against my number on a roster and given a juror badge, then told to remain in the hall with countless other men and women, who just did what I did or followed my lead. Whether or not I was going to explain any reason why I should not be considered for selection was not addressed, since the Judge did not reveal himself as of yet. When everyone was present, many court assistants and clerical people ushered the over 100 people into several rooms with seats for everyone.

Soon after everyone was accounted for , the Judge had us all come into his court where he addressed the multitude of the prelimary plans for this court hearing.

This would be a criminal court case. The duration of the case is expected to last 6 weeks because of the number of witnesses and the sensitivity of the questioning involved. The kind of court case was told to the people assembled in the courtroom. Then the Judge opened up the floor to anyone who was unable to serve for any reason. He began at the front of the jury box finishing with each row before going on to the next. Each person, no matter whether they were sole supporters, made personal plans for the next 6 weeks or had health reasons had a chance to voice their proposal to the Judge. He excused each one thanking them for their willingness to come forward today. They left as they were judged to do so in the courtroom. Their names will be drawn on a shorter court case or when the personal committments are finished. The abilitly to serve on the jury is by choice. It is that a person wants a collection of his peers to hear the evidence and fairly come to the right and just conclusion after hearing all the evidence. We are all entitled to a trial by jury.

As the number of people dwindled by several, maybe 30 or more, the lingering people were excused until the next day. Before leaving we were reminded to fill in the questionaires and bring them with us the following day. These very personal questions would be handled different from any of the questions had been previously handled.