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Tribal War is a strategy game that is set in the Middle Ages in which you, as the village leader, grow your village and raise armies to conquer other villages. Tribal Wars is a completely browser-based game, meaning you only need an internet browser to play it. Unlike a lot of browser-based games, the graphics in Tribal Wars are really rather simplistic. It makes it easy to play on any connection or on any age computer since the game is primarily made out of graphics and text. The game is focused almost completely on fighting other players for their villages, however, you are not alone in this endeavor.

tw villageLike the name suggests, you are encouraged to join a tribe with other players near your area. This provides better defense for everybody. Eventually, as the armies of each your tribemates builds up, you'll inevitably go to war with another tribe.

When you are not locked in vicious battle with another player, your goal is to build up the villages you do have. Making sure you have the resources and population to build your armies, and all the other building requirements are met for the troops you want to build fills up a good portion of your time.

The game starts off rather slow in the beginning, which is good if you happen to be a particularly casual gamer. You start with only one village with low resources to work with, so it takes about two weeks to get to the point before you are ready to conquer another village. While the "walk away and wait" pace of new tribal wars games is good for casual games, it doesn't stay that way.

tw mapAs your tribe and your villages prosper, the threat of attack becomes increasingly higher. So you'll find yourself waking up from a dead sleep to check on your village. The game has strangely addicting properties to it, especially if you get along very well with the people in your tribe. You'll want to see them protected so that they can protect you later. Tribal Wars really plays on our desire to be heroes.

This game can be a really good way to pass the time if you have a job that allows you to be near a computer most of the day, but if you have a job where that is not an option, it can be difficult to get into. However, you can find someone to play your account while you are at work. The Tribal Wars creators are very flexible with account sharing, as they know that sometimes your game can require constant attention.

The only other downside, other than the large amount of free time it consumes, is that some players can be rather unwelcoming. The game is separated into different worlds, new worlds open up every few months so everyone can get a fresh start. However, if you join a world that have been in progress for a month or two, many of the players will take advantage of your weakness. One of the first lessons you need to learn in Tribal Wars when you first start playing is that you need to be ruthless to anyone outside your tribe. However, civility can go a surprisingly long way with some players. On the opposite side of the coin, there are a lot of younger kids that can be ignorant to reason.