Tribal design tattoos

Tattoo can be a creative way to express your ideas and what you cannot always say in words. With a number of tattoo designs, you can choose and try out what you think would work best for you.

Deciding on the design is perhaps the most important thing you need to do when you want to get a tattoo done. Of course, the other factors working here are the place from where you will get the tattoo, the ways in which you can take care of the wound – as the needle is actually going through your skin, it is a sort of wound after all – and also how you will flaunt it afterwards. First things first, and that means you need to find out how to decide what design to get. There are a range of design ideas like tribal design tattoos, butterfly tattoos, dragon tattoos and such.


tribal design tattoos

It is not always possible to imagine designs, for not all of us are hugely creative. Most of us are regular people having a day job and we try to take a break from the every day and that break comes from the tattoo we get. So, to decide which designs would suit your personality and views on life and stuff, you could always use some inspiration. For such thorough research before you choose a final design or a few of them, you could go to tattoo studios. Tattoo studios are places where professionals get your tattoo done and they also have a large collection of designs in their catalogue books. They have the experience of years, and that could be of your help in deciding what pattern you would want to embellish your body. You can also visit a number of internet websites to find what type of designs you want.

The latest fad in the body art direction is tribal tattoo design tattoos. The base of the tribal tattoos is the feeling of belonging to a group. We, humans, feel secured when we belong to a group – a clan. Tribal clans drew specific patterns or designs on their own bodies to integrate that feeling of belonging together. Each clan had their own few patterns that helped them to recognize members of their own clan as well as members of other clans. In such manners, these tribal clans could differentiate between friends and foes.


tribal tattoos

The best thing about tribal design tattoos is that you can always use innovations while keeping the basic theme intact. The unique aspect of tribal designs is that they do not use colors. The use of colors in body tattoo is a comparatively new concept, and the days in which tribes used tattoos to distinguish themselves was not the time when the use of color was yet invented. So, if you think you want to do a different thing with yourself, you can go for the black and white tribal tattoos.

The other thing that works as an advantage with tribal designs is that not everybody likes to go for colors on their body. Having a tattoo can act as an escape or expression of the self for people who otherwise have a very normal everyday life. For them, mixing colors and getting a colorful butterfly or motorbike tattooed is hardly the option. If you are one of such people who prefer to keep it classy and yet like to show off the adventurous rebel in you, tribal designs are handpicked for you.

At the risk of sounding exaggerated, I can probably say that getting a tattoo is a commitment quite similar to getting married. It is a relation of a lifetime, and even though you can get it removed with much trouble and pain, the marks cannot be completely removed. So just as you should decide before you know whom you want to marry, you should also be very decisive about which design you want to get tattooed. You do not want to wake up one morning and find a laughing Buddha laughing from your waist.

A tattoo that has a meaning should be your choice. And what better than a language of images and symbols that is thousands of years old? Tribal designs have the amazing depth in them that make them both attractive and meaningful. Somewhat similar to chants in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, these tribal patterns say it more with pictures and patterns. Depending on the meaning that you want the tattoo to express, your tattoo artist can draw a pattern for you and you can also give inputs regarding your preferences of size of intricate details.

Origin of tribal tattoo designs

The origin of tribal tattoo designs came from the cave paintings of ancient civilizations like those of the Mayans and Aztecs. Also, the early Egyptians frequently used the tribal tattoo ideas to use them as ornaments for the body. The fact that tattoos were reserved for the privileged class is proved as Egyptians allowed only the royal family to decorate themselves with tattoos and body piercings. This proves how highly the body art was held in Egypt and also during earlier days.

Whichever tattoo idea you choose for your body, there are a number of body places where you can get them done. For tribal designs, some of the favorite areas are on the waist, on the biceps, on the shoulders, as the ankle band, and also as the wrist band. Men prefer somewhat larger tattoos to decorate the masculine areas of their body like the arms, wrist, shoulders and also legs for some men. Women, however, prefer to keep it sensuous and opt for places which are not completely visible and allow only a part of the tattoo to be visible. Women, thus, choose places like the lower waist from where the tattoo will peep from under the jeans, collar bones which are partially hidden by clothes, neck or navel which are also partially covered. Some women again use tribal design ideas to embellish their ankles and use the tattoo as a permanent ankle band.

Tattoos have that special quality to make you feel unique and special depending on which tattoo idea you opt for, and if you want a meaningful tattoo to stay with you for the life, try out some innovative tribal design tattoos.

Simple Tribal Tattoo Design