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Snorkeling is easy, right?  Well, not according to Tribord, the makers of a new snorkel mask that is revolutionizing the way people breath in snorkel gear.  It's like snorkeling with a space helmet.  Snorkel Tech is here, ladies and gentlemen.

According to Tribord, the most difficult aspect people encounter when snorkeling is learning how to breath with a mask on and a snorkel in their mouth.  The company found that people have trouble separating breathing from nose-and-mouth to just the mouth as is needed with traditional snorkel gear.

So, they came up with the EasyBreath.

Watch this Video to Familiarize Yourself with the EasyBreath Mask

Simple Yet Brilliant Design

As you can see, the design of the EasyBreath is pretty simple at it's core.  Instead of just covering the wearers eyes and nose, the entire face is covered which allows the user to breath in and out regularly, "like on land". 

The snorkel, instead of being a separate piece of gear and in the mouth is attached to the top of the snorkel mask which is always out of water anyway unless the snorkeler purposely dives down.  Even so, the snorkel attachment has dry snorkel tech valve in place to ensure no water gets into the tube.

Also, there is a patented air-flow vent and cover to prevent fogging up as the person breaths in the mask.  Fogging is a large issue amongst snorkeling and SCUBA enthusiasts and without this patented design the EasyBreath wouldn't be worth the salt in the water that it keeps out.

Pros and Cons of the EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask by Tribord

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The first obvious pro is that you don't have a snorkel in your mouth while you're actually snorkeling.  This is an advantage because the snorkel mouth piece can sometimes distort the shape of the users face making the seal, or mask skirt, lose integrity with the face and allow water to rush in.

Next, the design of the mask is full-faced.  This means that there is less pressure on the areas around the eyes and upper lip.  This makes for a more comfortable snorkeling experience.

Lastly, the field of view in the EasyBreath can't be beat. The wide, full, oval-shaped mask allows the wearer to see front, up, down and peripherally with clarity and little to no obstruction.


It's not a snorkel mask.  It is a modified snorkel mask.  For those that want to snorkel regularly or are thinking of SCUBA, the Tribord EasyBreath does very little to actually accustom you to what true snorkeling with a traditional mask and snorkel are really like.  I can imagine that a transition to a regular snorkel set up would be difficult after "learning to snorkel" with the EasyBreath.

It's bulky.  The mask is larger than most and won't be as easily stowed when carrying or transporting snorkel gear to and fro your snorkeling locations.

The price is high.  At more than $100 this is a very expensive snorkel mask.  In most cases, an expensive snorkel mask will be of traditional design and made with high-quality silicone and tempered glass making it an adequate SCUBA and dive mask as well.  The EasyBreath is solely a snorkeling mask.


Final Analysis

Short and sweet...

Buy the EasyBreath if:

  • If you're only ever going to snorkel
  • You have  a hard time breathing with a traditional snorkel tube and mask.
  • You find that your face hurts after using a regular snorkel mask. (You probably have an ill-fitted snorkel mask in this case)

The EasyBreath Snorkel Mask Come in Three Colors:

Various sizes for each color are available upon order.

EASYBREATH snorkeling mask (S/M) - PINK
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(price as of Nov 22, 2016)
EASYBREATH snorkeling mask (S/M) or (L/XL) - ATOLL (S/M)
Amazon Price: $149.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 22, 2016)