A funny thing happened while watching the movie Red

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Ernest Borgnine died on July 8, 2012. He was an actor for six decades. An Academy award winner, Ernest was known for playing offbeat characters. He had a very distinctive look which matched his mannerisms. Ernest was a very talented actor who always seemed to be a very normal person. His work included many movies and television shows in which he acted with many famous stars between the years 1947 and 2011.

We gathered to watch Bruce Willis in the movie Red recently. The introduction listed the cast names. Bruce Willis. Great. The movie should have lots of action. John Malcovich. There should be an offbeat angle thrown in. Sarah-Louise Parker. A hottie. Helen Mirren. A spectacular older babe. Ernest Borgnine was also an actor in this movie, which we did not know. It turns out - YES, he was in the movie. He was 94 when he acted in Red. His was a bit part but he was the same old guy. Affable. Clever. Sharp. He didn't even look that old. He looked like he did in the Poseiden Aventure which was made 40 years ago in 1971. Maybe Ernest had a few more wrinkles, but who doesn't.

IMDB.com says that not only did Ernest Borgnine act in Red, he was taking other parts then as well. He appeared in 5 other roles in 2011 and was involved in movie "The Man Who Shook The Hand of Vicente Fernandez" which finished in late 2011. Amazing!

Ernest Borgnine has been involved in acting for more than 60 years. He got his start in a 1947 play. His first film role was in the 1951 file China Corsair. While Ernest's character "Hu Chang" may not be widely known today, many of his later characters were quite memorable. He played "McHale" in McHale's Navy. This movie depicted a gang of misfits that have to band together to fix a problem of their own making. They bend or break rules in the process. Borgnine plays a great part as the straight man in the whole mess.

Ernest was in the Dirty Dozen, perhaps the best macho flick of all time. He was also very memorable in the Poseidon Adventure. He was also on Little House on the Prairie, Magnum P.I. and a host of other films and TV series. Ernest acted in 203 roles during his 60 year career. He also is listed as a producer in one production. Obviously, Ernest preferred work in front of the camera.

In the Poseidon Adventure, he played the lovable clown. He was very funny in his role. Despite his antics, however, he exhibited a dynamic acting range in the movie. He was also quite lovable and it looked like he enjoyed playing the role.

Here's to Ernest Borgnine! We are pleased and surprised to see that he was still taking acting roles more than 60 years since he first got into the business. His dedication, and talent, is truly amazing.

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