Trichomoniasis is a kind of Vaginal Infection. Protozoan is a microscopic parasite that is responsible for causing sexually transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. This parasite is present in urethral tissues as well as in vagina and can infect even men. Mostly suffered by women, the medical condition is curable. A thing to note here is that though the symptoms may look like Bacterial Vaginosis and Vaginal Yeast Infection, the root cause of Trichomoniasis is completely different. Hence it is absolutely necessary to find out which kind of vaginal infection you are suffering from.

What causes Trichomoniasis?

Trichomonas Vaginalis is a protozoan that is the main reason behind the medical condition. It infects women more when compared to men. From infected women, it can be transmitted in 14% to 60% men while 67%-100% women get infected by male partners.

Signs and Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

  • In Case of Women: Women experience itching in vagina other than discharge that is foamy, smelly and itches. The color of the discharge is generally gray green or yellow. It is also possible that some women experience pain while urinating. Unfortunately, one third of the infected women show no signs and symptoms of Trichomoniasis.
  • In Case of Men: Like women, most of the men who are infected with the condition show no signs. Others usually have pain while urinating, swelling in scrotum and urethral discharge.

Treating Trichomoniasis

Self-Care at Home

Antibiotics are one way of treating Trichomoniasis. The other includes medicine therapies. However, these therapies are not visibly beneficial and hence should be taken only if recommended by a doctor. Some of the home remedies that people prefer include natural douches daily with warm bath. The douches should have lemon juice or vinegar to kill parasite. Yoghurt douches are also helpful. The discharge can be dried using Bergamot oil.

Exams and Tests

These tests are conducted only if the doctor diagnoses Trichomoniasis. Microscopes are used to diagnose the parasite which are shaped like pears and have whip-like tail.

Pelvic examinations are done for specimen collection. Urine tests are the best ways to collect its sample. If a test for Trichomoniasis is being done, other diseases that are STD can also be detected using the same sample.

Medical Treatment

In case of initial three months of pregnancy, Clotrimazole treatment is used.else doctors opt for Flagyl or the Metronidazole treatment.

-       Metronidazole (Flagyl) Treatment: Either the patients are supposed to take drugs twice daily for as long as a week or they are supposed to take heavy single dose which may have nausea like side effects.

-       Clotrimazole: Pregnant women can only be given topical treatment in which the medicine is placed in the vagina for 14 nights.

The partners should also be treated though they show no symptoms. This is quiet important to avoid getting the infection again. The doctors prefer to examine the partners first before writing a treatment for them. The partner can have a seven days long treatment or just one dose of metronidazole in heavy amount. The side effects of nausea are there but it is  only one time.