During this time of year there are ghouls and goblins roaming about. You can stay safe with a few common sense and safety tips.From clothing to candy-be aware of the do's and dont's of Halloween and everyone's well being will be guaranteed.

Things You Will Need

reflectors/light clothing flash light common sense a good eye this article

Step 1

First, when deciding to trick-or-treat decide whether your children will be walking or if you will be carpooling. The children need to be buckled in as usual if driving. You may have to come to some sudden stops because of numerous children going off of the sidewalk. Walking poses another problem. The children need to be seen by drivers, as not to cause a potentially fatal accident. Tell your children the rules also so that they remain on the sidewalk and do not get hit by a passing car.

Step 2

Costumes should be light in color or children should have some sort of flashlight to warn drivers of their presence. A flashlight could also act as a warning of some sort in case they may need it. A cell phone may also be needed for emergency contact of the parent(s).

Step 3

Check any candy or any other items that have been given. You are checking for any open wrappers or tattoos that may be laced with drugs or contain poison. Put candy away promptlly, only give children a few pieces until it's all gone. Be sure to have them brush their teeth after eating, so they don't get cavities. We all want to go out and have fun, stay safe while doing so and everyone will get home with no problems. Be sure to follow the above steps and your little trick-or-treaters will get home safely.Be sure to eat candy in moderation, you don't want to pack on any unwanted pounds(parents).

Tips & Warnings

Stay on sidewalks at all times. Don't take your eye off your kids even for a moment, children may get mixed up with others very easily. Don't let children go on the doorstep of any home that is not lit either the homeowners are out, or it could be a potential pedophile. Check your listings of pedophiles in the area and avoid those homes.