Anyone can have a healthy green lawn if they remember to take care of their little green plants outside and provide water, sun, and nutrients, in addition to other normal yearly maintenance.

Maintaining the landscape of any property requires some basic yearly maintenance to ensure the lawn looks green and healthy all year long. Homeowners tend to forget that having a green lawn year round is not really a natural thing and it does require additional work on their part. Depending on where you live, having any lawn at all may not be natural and so bald or blank spots appear in different parts of the lawn. Normal maintenance and treatments can help resolve any issues you have with your lawn and help ensure you have the green grass you always wanted.

The first thing you need to do is understand that there is no such thing as one type of grass. Grass is a plant and like all other plants there are different varieties that exist. Each variety of plant requires different types of treatment to ensure your grass remains green all season. Do some research and learn what type of grass is growing in your lawn before you start on your projects.

Reseeding is a process of helping nature to fill in holes in your lawn and to thicken up your grass quicker then if it would have happened naturally. It is good to reseed the entire yard twice a year to help stop weeds from growing up and promote a thicker lawn. You can also reseed in specific sections more often if you have a few bad spots that need extra help to grow.

After you reseed your lawn you want to ensure you apply fertilizer every so often. Many people do not treat their lawns like they would their own house plants but they need to if they want to have green grass. You need to ensure it is watered and provided the nutrients it requires to grow. If not, weeds will grow up in their spot. Weed control is a very important part of growing a healthy green lawn. Weeds will spread and steal from your grass space and sun and nutrients to choke and kill off your green grass. You should apply pre emergent on your lawn in the spring and fall when you reseed to stop weeds from starting and giving your new seeds a chance to do well.

The last thing you need to remember to do to ensure a healthy green lawn is to mow on a regular basis. Mowing stimulates growth and allows your new seeds to get sun where they would otherwise be blocked by mature grass. Knowing when to mow makes a difference. If you are in a drought for example you would not want to mow your lawn as it will require water and nutrients to support the growth spurt tied to mowing. If you did mow during a drought, you could end up killing off your lawn as it burns in the sun.

Overall, anyone can have a healthy green lawn. You just need to be consistent with your care of the grass and ensure that you are active in your maintenance. Always remember your grass is a plant and likewise requires attention. If you can remember all of that, you will have a healthy green lawn in no time.