An Objective Trimedisyn Review that Determines Whether this Prenatal Vitamin Justifies its High Price Tag

The Trimedisyn brand is one of the most polarized products in the prenatal vitamin market; some sweTrimedisyn(48647)Credit: Amazonar by it, while others say it’s a straight up scam. Regardless, it’s very difficult to find an objective Trimedisyn review online. This is a result of the prenatal vitamin’s sky-high price tag and shoddy marketing tactics on the part of the Trimedisyn company. However, after reading and evaluating the entire Trimedisyn official website, ingredients list and what little real Trimedisyn reviews we could find, it’s clear that Trimedisyn is not worth the price they charge. Here’s why:

What’s Different About Trimedisyn that Justifies the Cost?

Trimedisyn claims to be the one in all, end all be all prenatal vitamin. Saying their brand includes every single nutrient you could ever need as an expecting mother, in just the right amounts. Trimedisyn also says they have certain ingredients that are highly beneficial for moms and babies that no other prenatal vitamin includes. These ingredients are;

CoQ10 – Conenzyme 10 was recently proven to reduce the risk of developing pre-eclampsia in women who already have one or more risk factors for developing pre-eclampsia by 10 percent. This is great, however, if you’re a young woman with no risk factors for heart disease then you do not need to worry about taking CoQ10. If you are at risk for developing pre-eclampsia during a high risk pregnancy, with the supervision of your doctor, purchase a separate CoQ10 supplement. By purchasing CoQ10 separately instead of buying Trimedisyn, you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Probiotics – In some studies probiotics are safe and beneficial for pregnant moms, especially those with digestive issues before pregnancy. Trimedisyn includes 10 cultures of probiotics in their prenatal vitamins. However, probiotics have a short shelf life and must be refrigerated if they are to retain their potency. Trimedisyn vitamins are unrefrigerated and likely sit on shelves for a long time before they are shipped and consumed by pregnant women. The probiotics in Trimedisyn are most likely very flat and ineffective. If you need probiotics, make sure they are safe for you to take with your doctor, then buy them separately. Again you’ll save lots of money and have a much more potent probiotic.

Ginger Root – According to Trimedisyn Ginger Root prevents most all nausea and morning sickness. However, they mention only two very small, vague studies that attest to the power of Ginger Root. These studies are so vague, there is no way we can even begin to look them up online and Trimedisyn does not cite the studies either. What we did find, however, was conflicting information as to whether Ginger Root was even 100 percent safe for consumption by pregnant women. Some studies seemed to think Ginger Root was not harmful, while other found a linGinger Root(48648)Credit: Flickrk between Ginger Root and miscarriage. If you have severe morning sickness, take high doses of Vitamin B6 rather than Ginger Root, it’s proven effective at curtailing nausea and completely safe.

Trimedisyn Review: Business Ethics

One reason so many women distrust Trimedisyn, is because of how the prenatal vitamin is marketed and sold. There are several online landing pages that claim to objectively review all sorts of prenatal vitamin brands. However, each “unbiased” review ends with a giant sales pitch for Trimedisyn. Pretending to review prenatal vitamins objectively, when your goal is actually to sell the most expensive of those vitamins is not trustworthy.

Beyond this there are very few real Trimedisyn reviews posted on large retailer sites. Other brands, even small to medium sized prenatal vitamin brands have at least dozens of reviews. There are however, several highly suspicious Trimedisyn reviews that make it painfully obvious they were posted by someone profiting off Trimedisyn sales pretending to be a normal, highly satisfied customer. These Trimedisyn reviews typically end with a link to one of the many disguised online sales pages for the prenatal vitamin. Some of these shoddy prenatal vitamin review sites that promote and sell Trimedisyn even have domains that end with .org, so this confuses or convinces a lot of women about Trimedisyn. However, remember these sites are most definitely designed by and run by someone whose primary goal is to sell Trimedisyn.

What Real Trimedisyn Reviews Say

Of the few real Trimedisyn reviews posted by moms who’ve actually tried or continue to use Trimedisyn, the reviews are two fold. On the one hand you have some genuinely happy women, who feel that they are getting the best, high end prenatal vitamin possible with Trimedisyn. They think the exorbitant price tag of Trimedisyn ensures that it’s the best prenatal vitamin.

On the other hand, you have a few women who are very upset with Trimedisyn. These Trimedisyn reviews are by women who invested into Trimedisyn by purchasing the vitamins in bulk to get a little discount, only to find the prenatal vitamins worsened their morning sickness. When they tried to return the vitamins for a refund under Trimedisyn’s money back guarantee they could not get a hold of anyone in customer service. Several unreturned phone calls and emails later, these women finally got a response – they could only get a refund for one month’s worth of Trimedisyn prenatal vitamins, as per Trimedisyn’s policy, fine print and all. These Trimedisyn reviews are written by extremely unhappy women, who are out several hundreds of dollars because they bought a 6 or 9-month supply of a prenatal vitamin they cannot use.

The Cost of Trimedisyn

Trimedisyn lists the MSRP of their prenatal vitamin as $129.99 for a one month’s supply. They often sell the prenatal vitamin for less as it is usually always on special. Regardless of the discounts given, this is by far the most expensive, over the counter prenatal vitamin in the US.

Is Trimedisyn Worth the Money?

As you can see from this Trimedisyn review, the ingredients in the vitamin that make is so unique; CoQ10Dollar(48649)Credit: Flickr, Probiotics and Ginger Root are not all they are cracked up to be. The probiotics are flat and Ginger Root is a controversial, unsubstantiated means of quelling morning sickness. CoQ10 is the only real beneficial ingredient here – and it’s only beneficial for moms who are at risk for heart disease. If you are one of these moms buy a separate CoQ10 supplement – you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Beyond all this, Trimedisyn’s marketing practices are not ethical, which rightly so makes anyone distrust the entire brand name. Some of the real Trimedisyn reviews relay stories of non-existent customer service and a misleading money back guarantee, which are also red flags regarding the ethical policies of Trimedisyn. With the costs for Trimedisyn so incredibly high ($129.99 for a one month supply), this prenatal vitamin is absolutely not worth it’s price tag. There are many high quality, organic better prenatal vitamins available that cost a fraction of Trimedisyn.