Whether or not men should trim or tweeze their eyebrows is a gray topic that will probably never have a definite yes or no answer; some find it girly, while others find it necessary. There is no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to your own preference and style. For those who don't, awesome! 'Au natural' works for some. For my bros who trim their brows, we have to be careful and not go overboard. Here are a few tips and techniques I use to shape my eyebrows and keep them looking natural and groomed.

Choose a Tweezer

If this is your fist venture into tweezing, pick a tweezer you are comfortable using. There are 2 kinds: ones with handles and ones without. It's good to use one that you won't poke your eye out with, especially if this is your first time. Yes, this has happened to me. I prefer to use the one's without handles because I feel it gives me better accuracy.


Trimming, Tweezing, and Shaping Men's Eyebrows(51020)

Trimming, Tweezing, and Shaping Men's Eyebrows

There Should Be Two

Tweezing uni-brows are the least men can do to make themselves look groomed and well-kept. With most uni-brows, it's easy to tweeze those stray hairs that don't belong, but some may not know where to stop. Your eyebrow should follow the natural curve shape from the fleshy indent at the top sides of your nose around to the outer sides of your eyebrows. Here's a picture:

Trimming, Tweezing, and Shaping Men's Eyebrows(51021)

Identify Your Natural Shape

Every eyebrow has a natural shape to it; not everyone's will be the same. Your eyebrow will usually follow the shape of your eye. One method I like to use is bulging out your eyes, this will help you see the lower curve of your eyebrow better. Some will have a slight curve up, some will have a generally straight brow, regardless it's best to identify it before you begin plucking. Remember, it takes a while for those hairs to grow back if you mess up so don't get tweezer happy just yet!

Trimming, Tweezing, and Shaping Men's Eyebrows(51025)Trimming, Tweezing, and Shaping Men's Eyebrows(51028)Trimming, Tweezing, and Shaping Men's Eyebrows(51026)

Tweeze Away Stray Hairs

Now that you've identified the shape of your brow, you can start tweezing. I would suggest starting with all the stray hairs under and to the sides of your brow until it's all clear. This may be a good stopping point for some, you've trimmed away the stray hairs and you have a clean-looking eyebrow. Nice! For those who want to continue, finish tweezing and save the actual eyebrow for last.

Shape Your Eyebrow

When it comes to the actual eyebrow, make a mental note: men have bushier, thicker brows while women's are thinner and shaped. This means less is more. Remember, the goal is for it to look natural, not plucked into a crazy curve. One problem I always had was plucking too many hairs from the bottom of the brow. When you get caught up in tweezing, it may seem like you're taking away stray hairs but actually you are making your eyebrows a lot thinner and curve shaped. So take moments to look at your eyebrows in the mirror and make sure you are on track to looking groomed not girly. Keep going (not too far though) until you have a natural looking brow that you are happy with. 

Final Tips and Suggestions

  • For first time trimmers, I suggest having warm towel and a tissue box near you when you tweeze. Use the warm towel on skin in between plucking and the tissues to wipe up tears and/or running nose.
  • For those who want to get the thickness out of brows after shaping, I would not suggest plucking random hairs out as this could lead to a bald spot. I would suggest talking to a professional or female friend about their personal techniques or products.
  • After tweezing your eyebrows you should add a small amount of lotion around the areas you tweezed, avoiding any contact with your eyes. This will help lessen the irritation, soreness, and prevent dry skin.
  • If you are going out to party or grooming for an interview, I suggest tweezing the day or night beforehand. This will reduce any last-minute rushed accidents and you won't have red, irritated skin when you walk out your door.