Trinity Debt Management

Individuals and families who find themselves awash in debt might just find a beacon of hope in Trinity Debt Management. Trinity Debt Management is a non-profit organization devoted to providing counseling and debt management services to people who are experiencing debt problems. Established in 1992, Trinity Debt Management’s services have expanded over the years to include community outreach, self-help, seminars and other education opportunities.

Trinity Debt Management’s primary forms of debt assistance include a debt management program, aiding with budgeting, debt consolidation and bankruptcy counseling.

Under the debt management program, Trinity will arrange to pay back the client’s creditors, consolidate the client’s debt and set up a payment plan with a much lower interest rate. Trinity will not impose any late fees or make collection calls. After establishing a record of consistent, timely payments, Trinity will begin to help improve the client’s credit score. After twelve months in good standing, the client will gain access to Trinity mortgage counseling for mortgage refinancing or even first home financing.

Trinity Debt Management can also help with student loan, tax and business debt relief, and with credit report analysis.

Getting out of debt isn’t much help if a person has not learned how to stay out of debt. So Trinity also offers various education opportunities to clients as part of their debt management program. Seminars, reading materials and counseling are all available to help the client learn how to manage finances prudently.

Trinity offers other general education to visitors. Free electronic books on financial planning are available on Trinity’s website, with hard copies available upon request. In addition, Trinity offers links to financial literacy information from all around the Internet.

Starting children out young on the right track to financial literacy is important. So Trinity offers advice on training children as they mature and become able to learn more and take on more responsibility. Trinity even offers a personal detailed monthly online form for visitors to fill in and get started tracking their spending and establishing a monthly budget.

In this modern age of credit, being in debt has almost become the American way. Americans take being in debt so much for granted that many people don’t know what they are getting into and find themselves drowning in a sea of financial difficulties. The information and services available at Trinity Debt Management have value both for those who find themselves in debt and those who are just venturing into the world of credit.

It is important not to turn to payday loans to take care of the money that you owe. It isn't the right way to deal with things you owe by taking out even more from strangers. Don't fall prey to scams especially if you are in a vulnerable place.

Also remember that there is light at the end of this dark journey.