Trion Z bracelets which are negative ion bracelets are one of many that have been looked at by those who suffer from a broad array of aches and pains. These self proclaimed "energy bracelets" are designed to alleviate pains from tendinitis to arthritis as well as provide a once scarce level of energy with the use of negative ions and magnets.

Trion Z Negative Ion BraceletsThe negative ion bracelets that are created under the Trion Z brand offer a lot of options for interested persons. From a decent selection of colors for their negative ion bracelets. Colors including customizable colors, logo's and themes to a respectable range of sizes better suited to fit each individual users needs.

These negative ion bracelets - Trion Z bracelets - are not made up of hard cold metal - the material used to create the negative ion bracelets is actually stretchy and is infused with fabric bits that are known for their negative ion producing abilities (with the exception of their titanium energy bracelets). This makes for a more comfortable fit especially for those with sensitive skin or exceptionally active lifestyles.

The actual Trion Z bracelets site offers up a lot of information catering to common questions that pain sufferers interested in their product may have such as "Can I wear this with a watch"..."pacemaker" etc etc. They also explain in a little more detail the technological side of their design and why it is "better" than many of the other energy bracelet makers on the market.

Which side of the fence are you on when it comes to negative ion bracelets?

Since the first appearance of magnetic and negative ion bracelets there have been numerous boasts of praise and opposition as to whether or not they actually do what they claim. Golf all star Arnold Palmer swears by one and suggests it definitely has improved his game. Then on the other side of the fence you have the occasional reviewer or customer who claims they've received no pain relieving benefit from using an energy bracelet such as the Trion Z negative ion bracelets.

Cost of Negative Ion Bracelets

The average cost of magnetic negative ion bracelets is around $20 brand new so if it works you've gotten yourself a relatively cost effective, side effect free pain reliever and perhaps even a new jump start on a previously pain riddled life. If the negative ion bracelets do not work for you then luckily you no longer have to wonder "what if only I'd purchased Trion Z bracelets" and you are out merely $20. Which I'm sure the majority of us out there who are interested has wasted on far less "possible" methods.

Even though I am not able to tell you who is right with any sort of 100% certainty I will say that I believe this is just one of those products that has to be tried by each interested individual before being ruled out. The power of the mind is an awe inspiring thing sometimes and if the claims that these bracelets merely have a mind tricking placebo effect - well you are still pain free.

Where to Find Trion Z bracelets a.k.a negative Ion Bracelets

These energy Trion Z bracelets can be found in abundance online and at brick and mortar locations. Some of the locations you can find negative ion bracelets include: Bass Pro Shop, GNC, Hibbett Sports, Worldwide Golf Shops, Sports Authority and the site lists several other carriers of Trion Z bracelets and negative ion bracelets.