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One of the best thing about Triond is how quickly they accept or reject your article. It takes them 12 to 24 hours to inform the writer whether or not their article is accepted. Another good thing about Triond is that they allow all types of articles to be written for their site, therefore, you are not limited to a certain idea, or genre.


Money is what drives most people to this site, and money is what they will not find- quickly. You can not become rich off of this site. They pay only a little bit of money. Another con is that you must first make $20 before they will send you your money.

Full Review

Triond is an online writing site where the user gets paid per how many views their article gets. From past experience I know that Triond is a very legitimate site, and is worth looking into if you are the type of writer who contantly has new interests. They almost always accept articles, unless they are FULL of grammatical errors and spelling errors. If you are looking for a 'get rich fast' writing site, this is not the site for you. Quantity is usually the key component, rather than quality. To even make a dollar on this site, you will need to write more than 20 articles. If you are even thinking of joining and writing less than that, you will have to be a patient person. You can not get your money until you make a minimum amount of $20. Depending on what type of article you write, the article will be put onto different websites. Depending on what site it is put on, changes the amount of money you make per veiw. For example, one site might be making you 1 cent every 6 veiws, while the other site gives you 1 cent every 11 veiws.

In Closing

I would most definitely suggest checking it out. Depending on what type of person you are will change the way you think of it. If you want to become quickly, I would suggest steering away from that site, but if you are patient or if you are fast at typing, you should check it out.