Anyone can join and start publishing straight away.
Writers can choose which topics they prefer to write about.
An easy-to-use interface and integrated spell-check, along with image finder and keyword suggestions, make it perfect for those who've never published before.
Payment is made promptly each month via PayPal, at an incredibly low pay-out level.
There's a forum where writers can get feedback from other authors.


Anyone can join and start publishing straight away!
The varying levels of pay for articles about different subjects is not at all transparent.
Earnings are generally extremely low.
The system suffers many glitches.
Plagiarism often goes unnoticed.
Articles with many spelling or grammatical errors are commonplace.
Many Triond satellite sites now have a bad reputation with popular social bookmarking sites.
The support system often leaves questions and queries unanswered.

Full Review

Triond is an internet publishing company that publishes articles and other media, produced by its members, on various topic-specific satellite sites. Members are able to write about pretty much any topic they choose, provided they follow the publishing guidelines, and Triond then places ads on the articles, sharing any advertising revenue generated with the authors.

While the most common form of media uploaded is informative articles, Triond also permits the publication of creative writing, photographs (and other images), music and film. The site the finished media product is published on is chosen by an automated, electronic process, based on category choice, main keywords, quality of writing and who-knows-what-else - meaning articles do not always end up on the website you intended...

Each satellite site also pays out at a different rate per click, so earnings vary greatly dependent on subject-matter. There is no way of knowing which site pays the most per click, other than writing for them all in turn and doing the mathematics, or asking other Triond members for their opinions (and hoping they are honest in their responses!). This lack of transparency is annoying, to say the least. It may also be interpreted as unethical; it's certainly questionable practise.

Triond pays its writers monthly by PayPal or cheque (both in US dollars), with the minimum payout levels being $0.50 and $50 respectively. At the end of last year Triond enabled its members to integrate their adsense accounts, earning through both page impressions and ad-clicks (though at a lower rate for page impressions than previously applied). This move provoked mixed reactions among members, with some reporting a drop in earnings since integrating adsense, and others reporting a rise.

Regarding marketing, Triond does very little to promote the work they publish, leaving the author to do all the hard work. For those with no marketing skills, or without a large group of web-based friends using popular social book-marking sites, making any money on Triond takes considerable networking effort, regular article submission, and a good understanding of SEO. Unless an article is submitted to Stumbleupon, Reddit or another major social bookmarking site or considerable networking is done within the Triond community it is unlikely to earn more than a dollar in its first year.

The vast majority of articles published by Triond are littered with errors, and some offer disturbing or even illegal advice. Human editors do not check each article prior to publication, so in many instances offensive or poorly written articles slip through the net. Because of this, many Triond satellite sites now have a bad reputation with popular social bookmarking sites, some of which have been rumoured to have blocked any Triond links being posted as spam. This could have terrible consequences for Triond writers, and for Triond itself.

A major plus-point for Triond users is the interface, which is easy to use and uncomplicated in appearance. The text editor also includes a spell-check and an image-finding facility, meaning authors needn't waste time searching the internet for relevant,non-copyrighted images. Articles are usually published within around 24 hours, sometimes sooner, and views/comments/likes are updated immediately. Triond earnings are updated twice daily, although with a delay of around 24-48 hours before new earnings are added.

Triond also offers a referral scheme, allowing members to increase their earnings by referring friends and being paid a small commission on any revenue generated by their published articles. Triond has also created a widget, displaying a member's most recent articles, which can be added to websites, facebook pages or blogs, thus increasing potential views.

In Closing

Overall, if you're new to writing and simply aiming to improve your written English and gain experience, or are writing purely as a hobby, Triond isn't the worst publisher you could choose, but there are far better. If, on the other hand, you're hoping to earn a living from freelance writing (or even to supplement one) you will do better to publish elsewhere.