For this match simulation of Dusty Rhodes versus Triple H, we'll assume both men are in their prime. For the American Dream, that could be anywhere from 1979-1986, depending on who you talk to. For HHH, it could be anytime from 1999-2008. This match simulation simply takes place in my mind. If you are an older wrestling fan, you may or may not agree with the results.

It only seems fitting to have Gordon Solie and Jim Ross calling the action in the ring.

The Game - HHH:

Triple H is a thirteen time (maybe more by the time you read this) world champ. He is incredibly talented, physically imposing, and technically skilled. Without a doubt, he is the best during this generation. His battles with the Rock, Undertaker and Steve Austin are benchmarks in the industry.

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes:

Dusty is a three time world champ. During his era, winning three world titles would likely be about the equivalent to eight or ten today, it was just a different era. He is fat, but never runs out of energy in the ring. He's just a common man, but he never gives up. His charisma is unparalleled in the sport. His feuds with Harley Race, Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen are legendary.

The Entrances:

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes makes his way to the ring, to a huge pop from the crowd. This three time world champion knows how to make a crowd scream. He shakes and slaps hands all around the arena. In typical 80's fashion, he dances around the ring, waiting for his opponent, getting the crowd into the match. The crowd eats it up, they all love the Dream.

The lights dim; it's time to play the game! Triple H stands up in the shadows, with the lights shining on the front of his body. He waits for a while, takes a swig of the bottled water, and makes his way to the ring. In trademark fashion, he stands outside the ring, stares his opponent down, and then starts spraying the water into the lights. This thirteen time champ also knows how to make the crowd react.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is sitting down in the stadium.

"Business is about to pick up," screams good old JR. Solie adds "the crowd is squarely behind the American Dream Dusty Rhodes."

The Match:

Finally, the bell rings and the men begin the action, locking up in the center of the ring. There is no doubt that HHH is the more powerful of the two men, as he shoves the Dream back into the corner. The initial "feeling out" process lasts for a few minutes. Finally the real action begins.

Dusty Rhodes pummels Triple H with elbows and punches, appealing to the crowd with every blow. He seems to hold the edge in the initial stand up game. He plays to the crowd, and they pop each time. He locks in a headlock to slow the action a bit on the canvas.

Triple H manages to escape, and soon he's gained control, due in large part to a low blow landed during a scramble, as the ref's back was turned. He whips Dusty Rhodes into the ropes, where he lands a high knee to the face. "Rhodes has felt this move before, courtesy of Harley Race" states Solie.

Triple H maintains control for slightly longer periods than Dusty Rhodes, but it's a closely contested matchup. Dusty Rhodes is able to gain motivation from the screaming fans to snub all of the Triple H pin attempts so far. Dusty Rhodes is able to land several Bionic Elbows, which Triple H seems to have no counter for. He locks in a figure four, but HHH is able to reach the ropes.

Nearly twenty minutes has elapsed now, with the action between Dusty Rhodes and Triple H never slowing down. Dream is getting tired, but he's always been able to hold his own, even going sixty minutes with Ric Flair in the past. HHH clearly has an advantage now, having thrown the Dream into the steel ring post, outside the ring. The ref, in fitting fashion, was attempting to break up the action, and was ran into by HHH. "The referee is out" yells JR.

Triple H looks for his sledgehammer, his weapon of choice. Ever the opportunist, he locates it. He tosses Dusty Rhodes back into the ring. The Dream is laying in the ring, unconscious. The game hold the hammer over Dusty, straddling him. Triple H holds his hands, and the hammer in the air. The crowd boos loudly. Suddenly, Dusty Rhodes kicks HHH in the groin. "He was playing possum", states Gordon Solie. HHH doubles over, and Rhodes grabs the sledgehammer. He looks to the crowd, letting them know he's going to hit Triple H with his own hammer. He swings wildly at Triple H, who is able to duck out of the way. The momentum causes Dusty Rhodes to spin around, and HHH kicks him in the stomach. Dream drops the hammer and doubles over. Triple H nails him with the pedigree. The referee stumbles his way back into the ring. "One, two, three" yells Solie and Ross, both in unison.

The match ends at 32 minutes, twelve seconds. The crowd screams wildly, knowing they have just witnessed a match between two of the all time greats in the wrestling business. The crowd applauds Triple H, appreciating the effort, even though he's clearly the heel. As Rhodes gets back to his feet, the crowd pops huge. The two men have incredible respect for each other.


If the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and Triple H faced each other 100 times what would happen? I believe the men would trade wins and losses, but Triple H wins 63 out of 100. Clearly he'd cheat to win several, but he still gets his hand raised more than the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

If you agree or disagree, leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what you think would happen.