TripleTown's Triple Journey

Title Screen(83800)

Spry Fox has been quite busy for a little under two years working with their hit game TripleTown. Well, I guess I should say they have been busy tweaking and porting it to other platforms. What started out as a simple game app for the Amazon Kindle has gained significant popularity over its short lifetime. It has been in the running for many awards and was recognized as a top game of 2011 by multiple well-known gaming websites. Since its birth it has moved from the Kindle to Facebook and Google+, and has now landed on the iOS and Android app stores near the beginning of 2012. So where does this app stand today?

The game is quite simple really. It is based on a simple match-three puzzle system mixed with a bit of a single-player turn-based system. While it is based on extremely simple mechanics TripleTown does somehow manages to make it quite complex. Matching three of an item combines them into something "better", and this continues on to create a town starting only from grass. For instance, matching three squares of grass together forms a bush, three  bushes form a tree, three trees make a small house, three small houses make a large house, etc.


The strategy comes into play in where you place your objects to make the matches, and making the best use of the land you are given. You are only given a 6x6 grid of space to work with so if you don't think about your placements you will quickly find yourself at the game over screen. They also through in some bears that block your moves to add a little more complication to things. You have to trap them and turn them into a tombstone, and if you match three tombstones you get a church. Kind of a weird way to make a church, but it isn't a deal breaker or anything. They can be seen peeking over the bush in the title screen image at the top of this article if you are curious of what they look like. They are cute and kind of creepy at the same time, since the art style and look remind me of another type of bear lurking around the internet.

The game has caught a lot of criticism on its Free-to-Play formula that they are using and how restricted they are with it. You are given a limited amount of turns that regenerate very slowly. You can buy unlimited turns though for a fee that is a bit pricey, but often on-sale. It is 43% off at the time of this writing, but still ends up costing you $3.99.

Featured Items

You can also buy coins in the in-game store to buy various things such as 200 turns, crystal, imperial bots, an undo move, etc. My only complaint here is that you have to pay for an undo move. I feel that it would be better if it used a turn instead, and if you paid up the money to get unlimited turns then you get unlimited undo's. That just seems a bit more fair to me.

Buy Coins

You can earn free coins as well, but it uses the same old system we are all used to seeing. If you do this you get this coins and if you do get this many coins! They do have a lot of free offers, and I know they help support the developers but I would just rather see ads than jump through all these hoops. I did go through one offer and did not receive my coins. I am hoping this is just on a delay, but this is just another reason I don't like these revenue systems in games. Sometimes you get the rewards and sometimes you don't.

Free Offers

Overall, the game is pretty good and can offer a lot of fun to anyone who gets wrapped up in this puzzle world. The graphics are nothing cutting edge, but they do fit the style of the casual game app world. I hope in the future we see more additions to the game and not just porting it though. I would like larger worlds, new mechanic additions, and a few other minor tweaks. I do recommend that you install it though since it is free and give it a shot yourself.