Troll Country is located north of Kislev and to the south of the Chaos Wastes. It is a second tier zone in Warhammer Online and is generally always shrouded in heavy fog and experiences a cold climate.

There are frosty bogs and snow capped mountains depicting the weather conditions there. There is also a large glacier running through the middle of Troll Country.

Some interesting locations in Troll Country include:

Felde Castle
Blighted Hills
Death Stone Quarry
Troll Dark Bog
Lursa's Blight
Suskarg Hills
Icefist Warren

There are trolls of all types everywhere in Troll Country. There are River Trolls, Stone Trolls and Chaos Trolls amongst others. The Chaos Trolls are considered the most dangerous of all as they have savage strength after having been exposed to the mutating energies of the Realm of Chaos.

Troll Country is important to the events in the Age of Reckoning. In times gone by, Lord Jaeger, the nobleman of the Empire, wanted to win over Leticia Gaertner who was the second cousin of the Elector Count of Ostland so he proposed to her in front of the whole court; alas he was turned down and was humiliated.

His pride shattered, he returned to his lands. He then commanded his family and his servants to pack up and leave. They then all moved northward where they eventually started building a town.

The inhabitants then for many generations defended their city, now walled, against Northmen, Trolls and even creatures of Chaos. This town of Felde however is now nothing more than a ruin as the plague that is now sweeping through the Empire was born in this remote settlement of Felde.

There are rumors circulating that a powerful ancient artefact exists in the lands of Troll Country and Tchar'zanek has heard the rumors.

So the Raven Host now has a sinister reason to head into Troll Country, whilst at the same time the Empire's Order of the Griffon is attempting to solve the mystery of the plague. The leader of the Raven Host, Tchar'zanek wants to stop the Empire from sharing the secrets of the story of the plague's creation here in Felde.

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