When it comes to trolling, I feel that I know a lot of information on the subject. Well, after fishing for several years know with a decent amount of success, I feel that I should. So basically, today I would like to talk about freshwater trolling fishing lures.

Whether you are fishing for bass or walleye or whatever, the classic lure to use is the crank bait. This is one of the oldies folks, but it works like a chard. All this lure consists of is a shad or minnow shaped hull with a lip on for diving. Now there are a few details that you will have to fine tune, but it really is not that hard to do. Ask a local about which color patterns work the best for the specific time of year or season. Then figure out how deep you will be fishing and choose a crank bait with a lip that fits.

The swim bait is another great trolling lure. It is great for some of the bigger species such as striper or largemouth bass. One of the best lures to use for this type of fishing is the blue back herring. Anyways, the majority of these lures are longer and bigger. Also, they don't dive that deep on average.

The last type of trolling fishing rig that I would like to discuss is the umbrella rig. This rig is most often used to catch striper in many freshwater lakes. Basically what it is pretty simple to understand. The rig is basically imitating a small school of baitfish with a weak shad, minnow, or whatever struggling at the back. So basically a hungry eyed game fish will see the small school and attack the one at the back.

Now, another part of this whole process that one needs to understand is that there are variable speeds to use these trolling fishing lures. This is something that may have something to do with the time of the year. Also, it takes a little bit of prior knowledge and skills to be able to recognize which areas are acceptable to trolling. Even so, it takes even more time and experience to actually get on the fish and catch them. I used to know this guy that never caught a single striper in six years. He tried diligently for six years after those fish and never caught a single one. The same guy kept at it and held the lake record for several years. With that said, be sure to just get out there and try to learn something. After a while, you should be able to come out on top.