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     As a member of the transgender community have you found yourself to be particularly vulnerable and a more popular target for trolling? Have you ever been trolled on line or in person by people just because you are transgender and for no other reason? A good chunk of your time is spent trying not to let people "get your goat" and ruin your day/evening, self esteem or the strength of your gender identity.  You feel like you have a target on your t-shirt, a hapless red shirted security guard in a Star Trek episode waiting to be blasted as a plot device. You can't walk down the street, surf the net or grocery shop without somebody trying to troll you as you silently wish all transgender people were automatically issued a tazer.

    ForbiddenCredit: Trolling people has become commonplace in our culture and really is just another name for bigotry, hatred and discrimination. People will spend a lot of their time trying to make people angry, especially on the internet where they face no consequences for their actions. On line bullies have wreaked havoc on people's lives with near impunity while the victims are left with the scars, memories and emotional damage to deal with while the troll gets a laugh and a momentary rush of adrenaline and glee from making another person lose their cool. It's almost a profession in today's world and I daresay there are many people who are experts at being adversarial.  Particularly if your transgender as people seem to consider us to be fair game when it comes to comedy, ridicule and shaming. Society is OK with it and we are being left behind by the rest of the LGB community and worse, trolled by them as well. So what can you do as a transgender person to protect yourself from the trolls that love to go after anyone who is in any way different. How can you go about your day and live a fairly happy life while avoiding the goading and prodding from people who in reality are the type of energy vampires that can  only suck your energy by making you so mad  you fire it at them.  There are some way you can combat their assault, here are just a few:

  • Ignore them:  Do not talk to them, engage in an argument or even acknowledge their presence. Commonly called "feeding the trolls", giving them what they want is to be avoided. This can be hard to do but it gets easier with practice. If you go on about your business and act like they are not even there they will not get their energy fix from you and miss out on their reward for trolling.  Eventually they will give up and move on with any luck.
  • Love them:  Try returning their negativity with supreme kindness. This will catch them off guard and leave them wondering why their jabs are having no effect.  Only try this if you are full of confidence and sure of yourself because you have to follow through by remaining calm and happy the entire time. So smile, be happy, do your business and remove yourself from the situation as soon as you can.
  • Block them: This is a particularly effective technique on social media and really is the only effective method of dealing with on line trolls, just block them and move on. Don't even spend a minute of your time thinking about them just simply bad them from your life; they cannot troll someone who is not there. Most sites have a method of blocking other users so do some research and find out how it's done on your most favored sites. You will be able to quickly dispatch them into the forgotten zone.
  • Move: Go somewhere else, shop somewhere else or simply remove yourself from the situation. The only way to win with a transphobic troll is to simply walk away.
  • Avoid Trolling: There can be a tendency for people in the transgender community to troll each other wither on line, in person or at transgender support groups. We have to remember that we are all on the same transgender team facing the same difficulties and discrimination out there is this cold cruel world; don't add to it in any way. Transgender trolling can lead to people self destructing, self harming and suicide so be careful with your words and you will help to make the transgender community all that much more welcoming.

     Cyber BullyingCredit: can occur anywhere and anytime you are trying to go about your business so be ready and aware that as a transgender person you are going to be a particularly tempting target to these people and they will try to get you anyway then can. Unfortunately being trolled is as commonplace to the transgender as sunshine is in the summer. People will troll you in all kinds of ways using all kinds of methods from the nasty comment to the dirty look. Get a pair of sunglasses and an mp3 player and cut them off completely, however you will notice that they will attempt to talk louder if they see that you are wearing headphones so be ready for that as well.  These people get their kicks from making the lives of transgender people miserable so do your best not to let them get to you and remember, you are not the one with the issues.

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