Is it Really Safe to Deal With Tronix Country?


 Tronix Country provides the chance for people who have bad credit problems to own appliances and other electronic stuffs that are needed. This consumer Electronics Company has good and versatile payment terms that will be suitable to the payment capabilities of the borrower. The company also offers borrowers a chance to take advantage of additional offers. Bigger deals on equipment are often possible if it will be used for business purposes. There are minimum requirements to get you started with the loan. And best of all, as long as you can provide all the requirements, you will be approved for an appliance loan regardless of your credit score. Paying your Tronix Country loan off promptly will help improve your overall credit score.  


 Unlike Buy now pay later no credit check companies like Fingerhut, Tronix Country focuses mainly on people with bank accounts, in particular, checking accounts. If you cannot provide a bank checking account, you cannot qualify for a loan with the company. In addition, for many people, the $99 upfront payment is just way too high especially for people who are applying for an appliance loan. Tronix Country has been receiving several complaints about their services. This has been a hindrance to the success of this company. Some of the complaints are about the customer service quality provided by the employees. Others claim that when they call customer service, they do get someone on the other line, the problem is that some representatives are not offering solutions or giving good service to the callers. For other clients, they have had problems receiving the promised gifts from the company. The borrowers feel that even if it was a gift, the company should still honor its word and send out what they promise their customers. The most common complaint about Tronix Country is that some of the ordered items were never delivered. In most cases, there has be an investigation as to what happened to the item, which opens up another bag of worms and brings more grief to the customers. .Tronix Country does have to investigate each and every complaint, so depending on how many disgruntled customers they have, it may explain why the customer service quality is thought to be low.

Overall Review of Tronix Country

 Overall, Tronix Country is definitely worth a try especially if you need equipment, (Tronix services all major appliances and computers) and you have very poor credit or no credit. In this day and time, especially after the last credit crunch, it is very rare to see a company that will finance appliance purchases without a credit check. Somehow, Tronix gives people with bad credit the light of hope to own brand new appliances. However, the complaints against this company are increasing, so one should approach with caution, do your research and if you choose to do business with the company, keep all of your documentation. The company should make improvements in their customer service team, especially since there are so many complaints. They also need to improve their tracking and record keeping system since there are also a lot of complaints about gifts and purchased items not being delivered.  These things could definitely break a company and ruin its reputation in the eyes of the buying public. Although Tronix Country is known in a small circle, it certainly has room to grow out to the larger population and to establish itself as a company that will help those afflicted by credit woes. Tronix Country could have been the most popular consumer services company around today, however companies like Rent A Center have more of a hold among its market simply because of the issues and complaints that Tronix Country is slow to address.


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