Chill out and give your home a modern beach twist by installing a few tropical ceiling fans. These stunning fans create an exotic, beach feel in any room and can be found for both indoor and outdoor use. Keep reading to learn more about tropical ceiling fans, the differences between them and normal ceiling fans, and where you can buy a few for your home.

Tropical Ceiling Fans: The Sun And Sand Life Brought Homerattan tropical ceiling fans

If you love the look of palm trees and thatched roofs or you're the type of person that just goes nuts for the feel of sand between your toes, tropical ceiling fans are an excellent visual reminder of the good life. In fact, some say that these pieces of tropical decor (among others) have a calming effect on their lives, as it's a visual reminder to take a breath and relax.  

There are a lot of tropical ceiling fan styles, all of which serve the same general purpose as any classic ceiling fan - to circulate air - but there are some big differences, too.

Differences Between Classic Ceiling Fans And Tropical Ceiling Fans

Tropical materials

Unlike most classic fans that use fan blades made from plastics and metals, tropical ceiling fans are usually made with materials normally associated with the beach and sun destinations. These include bamboo, rattan, and palm leaves, just to name a few. All three are popular choices on the market, but particularly bamboo ceiling fans. tropical ceiling fans_1

Larger blades for bigger airflow

Classic ceiling fans typically use elongated, rectangular-shaped fan blades. These cut the air without creating too strong of a breeze throughout your indoor room. Tropical ceiling fans, on the other hand, are designed with bigger, more circular fan blades meant to really move a lot of air.

More powerful motors

As tropical ceiling fans have bigger blades and need to push a lot of air, they normally come equipped with stronger motors to help do just that.

Built for outdoor use

Unlike many classic ceiling fans, there are quite a few tropical ceiling fans that are designed to withstand hot and humid outdoor conditions.

Where To Use Tropical Ceiling Fanstropical ceiling fans_2

What makes tropical ceiling fans different also opens up a big world of design opportunity for your home. If you've got a beautiful outdoor patio or linai and you live in a place where heat and humidity may keep you from using it as often as you'd like, a tropical ceiling fan is a great solution to help you cool down the area. It supplies the right mix of beauty and function.

Because of their size, tropical ceiling fans are also great fits for big entrance rooms or living rooms in your home. One single fan can cool the entire area down in style. Beyond this, their stunning, unique design makes them perfect for nearly any room in your home - from bedrooms to bathrooms and everything between. It's hard to go wrong with a tropical ceiling fan.

If you're aiming for a beach theme or tropical-living style in your home, a few tropical ceiling fans are also a must. They are more than just accent pieces; the size and beauty of their blade fans make a statement. 

If you're planning a fun safari theme or sun-and-sand motif for your pool area, tropical decor makes a great choice. Tropical ceiling fans can fit right in on the ceiling of a well-built tiki hut, so don't forget them when you are shopping for palm trees and torches.

The Price And Where To Buy Tropical Ceiling Fans

You may think that every tropical ceiling fan out there is going to cost you $300 or more, but there are many great fans available for between $100 or $200. The more intricate designs and bigger fans will range up from there.tropical ceiling fans_3 has a large selection of tropical ceiling fans. There's usually more than a few deals and discounts available even on some of the higher end models, making it a great location to search for cheap tropical ceiling fans. Plus, these kits can be heavy. Having them shipped directly to your home via can save a lot of stress and back ache.

If you are shopping in your local area, you can find a handful of tropical ceiling fans at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. But the choice will most likely not be as vast and the price might not be as good. Still, if you've got an inspiration and need immediate gratification, they are your go-to stores for these fans.

No matter where you buy, you'll make a splash with a few tropical ceiling fans placed around your home or outdoor patio. They're an essential piece of tropical decor to create that perfect sun-loving, relaxed look in your home. You'll love coming home to it day-after-day, and your guests will feel welcome and even relaxed. It's a slice of the good life recreated in your home. What could be better?