Want to spread a little holiday warmth? Tropical Christmas cards are the perfect thing. These holiday cards take what's best about the Christmas season and pair it with the beauty, kitsch, and icons of island living. It's an fun mix that leaves anyone who receives one smiling. In this write-up, you'll discover more about these festive Christmas cards, including a few different styles and where to pick up a few sets before the holidays.

Tropical Christmas Cards: Santa Meets Sun And Sand

tropical sunset christmas cards

On one side you've got a holly, jolly Santa all bundled up for the icy reaches of the North Pole, and on the other there's the beauty of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, and the playfulness of the sand. They shouldn't go together, but for some reason they just work. Tropical Christmas cards have been a Christmas card favorite for many years.

There are lots of reasons to love them. Their style and flair breaks out of the normal look and feel of holiday cards, making yours stand out. Plus, they are almost guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the people who receive them. It's hard not to smile when receiving a Hawaiian greeting or seeing a Santa kicking back on an island beach with a coconut drink in hand. These Christmas cards bring out the child in nearly everyone.

Tropical Christmas Card Styles

There are many styles of tropical Christmas cards out there, some silly and fun and other joyous and heart-felt. Here are a few of the more typical themes you'll find:

merry christmas beach and sand tropical christmas cards

Santa And His Friends Kicking Back Tropical Style

As mentioned before, these cards are a big favorite. The holiday season is a fun time, and these seasonal cards definitely play that up. You'll find cards featuring a tanning Santa, a surfing Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman drinking a cool one, or the eight reindeer playing the congas. The variations are endless, and they can really add to the holiday cheer.

Hawaiian Christmas

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Anyone that is a Big Crosby fan knows "Mele Kalikimaka", or "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian. His 1950 recording of the song of the same name has been a holiday classic to this day. The saying also helps fuel a big variety of tropical Christmas cards. These cards often mix that Hawaiian holiday phrase or "Aloha" with traditional Hawaiian icons like sand castles, sandals, and tropical umbrellas all appropriately colored in the reds, greens, silvers, and golds of the season. This creates a festive, but slightly more heart-felt tone than a Santa on a surf board, though there are a few out there that mix the two in fun ways.

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Traditional Beach Christmas

If you're looking for a festive card without the Santa antics and the Hawaiian charm, you are in luck, too. There is a big market of tropical Christmas cards simply mixing familiar tropical icons with familiar Christmas messaging. They are often beautiful and very traditional in their designs, but with a great tropical tone.

Great Ways To Use Tropical Christmas Cards

If you live in Hawaii, Florida, Southern California, or any one of the tropical islands, these cards are a great way to celebrate your home with your friends and family all over the world. Or, if you're the kind that likes to rub your beautiful winter weather in the faces of your Northern friends, these, too, are the cards for you. hawaiian hula retro tropical christmas cards

But tropical Christmas cards aren't only for those making their home in sunny places. There's a lot of great ideas out there that really open up the doors for these holiday cards so that anyone from anywhere can enjoy sending them. For one, silly Santa tropical cards are a lot of fun to send to kids. They definitely will enjoy the antics of some of their favorite Christmas characters as they hit the beach. Or, if you're living in wintry climate, sending tropical Christmas cards is a fun ironic twist that is sure to get smiles among your friends.

The Price And Where To Buy Tropical Christmas Cards

The prices of these cards are in the same range as other holiday cards, between $5 and $40 for different sets, depending on the amount of cards in the set and the style. You can find these cards in stores during the holiday season, but they are much easier to find in stock if you live in a sunny region. If you live up North, you're best bet is to order online.

Both you and yours will love tropical Christmas cards as they are an excellent way to celebrate the season while having a little fun. You'll find they cause instantaneous smiles whenever they are received. Now that's some holiday fun.