A tropical dining room is your getaway. It uses durable surfaces and fabrics. It's a way to bring a theme into a formal dining room that will actually make the space livable and useable. Plus, your unique decor will help start conversations at dinner parties.

Tropical decorations can be based on the sea. Look to faux coral for a graphic element that almost seems like sculpture. This adds a modern touch to your room. You might even be able to find a chic chandelier that looks like spray painted coral for a casually elegant atmosphere. You can bring in the theme with bright coral walls. Be prepared to tell your husband and your guests that it isn't pink, its coral. This makes a bold statement in the room so balance it out by painting your dining furniture set white and using white curtains.

Similarly you can use coral accessories to add interest to neutral room to create tropical kitchen decor, or use the same principle for the dining room. Paint your walls the color of sand and then paint any paneling and trim in the room bright white. White gives the allusion of light and space which is important in a tropical dining room. Then just spray paint a few tree branches a hot pink color with a bit of orange in it. You can use this on a sideboard or as your centerpiece. It's also important to declutter and create the allusion of space. This also gives your room that casual island feel.

Tropical patio decor can work in a dining room. Shop clearance sales for iron chairs with palm tree carvings in the back or just look for banana leaf or rattan chairs. You can top off the look with gauzy white curtains and a miniature palm in the corner. If you don't have a view of the beach you can have a muralist paint you one. This is a very literal theme that won't appeal to all design sensibilities and can make your room feel dated.

Floors in a tropical dining room should be made from wide wood planks. You can white wash the floors or add a touch of gray. The other option is to go with an extremely dark stain for a touch of elegance. You'll need to brighten up the room and add in life with baskets, plants, and artwork.

Tropical home decor is a chance to explore color. You might want to work with neutral walls and then focus on the ceiling. If you have a tray ceiling you can paint each step a different color of white to emulate sand or really go crazy with corals and turquoises. Gold is also a common color used in tropical design. Yellow is an appetizing color so it's perfect for a dining room. Yellow will almost always look bolder and brighter on the wall so choose a paint chip that has more gray or taupe in it then you think you need. Just a touch of yellow goes a long ways.

You can make tropical room decor just by changing up the colors of your room. Start out with aqua blue walls. Then look for a distressed wood china cabinet. The lines should be simple, but still have a little molding to it so it's not modern. You might want to put a black glaze over the wood and then rub it off for an antique look. The glaze will stay in any crevices or dings. That's right all those dents and dings can finally work to your advantage. This decor style isn't literal, so bring in a simple paper light fixture to keep the room light and airy. You can slipcover your dining room chairs with a white cotton chair cover so they feel more casual. Your dining room table should be simple, like it was made from planks of wood.

If you have more elegant furniture that is traditional then just paint it. Try white if you have a lot of other colors in the room or spray paint it turquoise to add color to a neutral room. You can often find Queen Anne style furniture at thrift stores, but it often needs to be refinished. Even if you tire of the bold color in a few years you didn't spend that much money on it and you got a new-to-you dining room set.

If you are on a budget, pull out a bucket (or two) of white paint. White wash everything in sight, from your dining room chairs to the beams on the ceiling. This gives a beach feel. The white wash effect ensures that the wood grain still shows through, although subtly. This makes a white room interesting because you'll have pattern and texture. Plus, you won't have to worry about matching colors because you'll have a monochromatic space.

A beach room can be elegant. Add a glaze to your furniture so it appears aged. Line the walls with oversized frames and mats. You can even put a small print of a shell in the center of each frame, so the focus is still on the bright white of the mat that will make a lot of impact. A tropical theme can also have a modern feel to it. Just make sure to bring in natural materials. You can even hang old, natural finished doors up against the wall instead of installing traditional paneling. You'll need to bring in texture. This might be in the form of rattan chairs or a seagrass rug. Instead of bringing in natural furniture you can keep your existing wood furniture and go with grass cloth wallpaper. Top it off with a bright white, elegant drum shade for a touch of modern sophistication.

A tropical dining room has a casual air to it where your friends and family will want to spend time. You can make the design style work with any theme. You can make a traditional dining room or a modern one. A tropical theme may even herald back to by gone eras. Bring in your personality with small, inexpensive touches that make a big statement. Keep the patio doors open to expand your living space and give that island feel.