Troubled teen camps help at-risk teenagers whose life choices are leading them down the wrong path. As these teens spiral out of control, their parents look to options like troubled teen camps for help. Northern Michigan is home to several of these camps, each with its own set of techniques, tactics and strengths for getting teens back on the right track.  These camps can vary greatly from one to another, but for many of them the same process is used since it has been proven to be the one of the most successful programs.

Every troubled teen camp will have exercise as a major part of the program. Many studies show that vigorous exercise serves several excellent uses. Aside from releasing endorphins in the body which puts everyone in a better and calmer mood, kids who are not in shape can gain confidence from getting into shape, while the troubled teens will also be more open to counseling and have less energy to fight. Exercise also helps with learning discipline, something missing from most troubled teens' lives.  This combination of endorphins, good feelings, the feeling of accomplishment, and getting that accomplishment through discipline helps to bring those lessons completely home.

Counseling & Education
Troubled teen camps in northern Michigan will also include both counseling and education. Education will often come in the form of guest speakers or movies showing the lives of people who are in prison, and their discussion of how they got there. Counseling attempts to connect how the teenagers actions now can lead to heartbreak, jail, or even death down the line. Counseling also offers a supportive structure where teens can discuss what troubles them and learn better ways to handle hard situations that come out throughout life.

Emotional Development
Physical activity, strict schedules involving chores, and counseling all aim at helping troubled teens to develop a true sense of self respect and discipline. Both of these are necessary for teenagers to develop into law abiding and quality young men. Having self discipline shows emotional development, and individuals with self respect are less likely to fall under bad influences once outside of the camp.

Midcourse Correction Camp
One of the best known troubled teen camps in the state of Michigan is the Midcourse Correction Camp. One of the unusual things about this camp is that many of the programs are based on one weekend. These weekend camps are intense, and follow a strict 48 hour time table over three days which involves exercise, counseling, education, and working on emotional healing and development.  This also allows for work with troubled youth who aren't in trouble with the law yet, but are heading in that direction.

Hopefully this article has helped to give you plenty of information on how these troubled teen camps work in northern Michigan, and that you will have a better understanding of what their goals are.  By understanding some of the method you can further understand why this combination works so well and so often to help try and at least provide the tools that troubled teenagers need in order to turn their lives around.