Trouser socks are more commonly known as ladies dress socks come in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics from classic solids to funky styles to help you express your personality. They generally are made of thinner fabrics which are thicker than stockings, yet thinner than the average dress sock. In fact, trouser socks are sort of a more modern replacement of the much hated knee high nylons for the ladies. While this description is the most common, trouser socks are actually really just thin dress socks for either men or women that tend to be opaque in nature with a pattern in the fabric rather than the more gender specific definition we are more accustomed to.

We all buy socks and wear them nearly every day, although we rarely pay any attention to this essential piece of clothing. Why are socks so important? They play an important role in foot health in preventing moisture from causing rubbing and chaffing commonly associated with blisters, calluses and other foot problems.

Trouser socks serve an added function as well; they can make a fashion statement. You can find styles in every color imaginable and nearly every pattern as well. There are trouser socks in classic styles, with fishnet, in lattice patterns, with geometric patterns, and centering on every holiday theme imaginable. You can get a pair of trouser socks in just about anything from whimsical to quirky or funky there are so many to choose from. Just select the color to match your outfit and a pattern that best expresses your style.

Care of Trouser Socks

Due to the thinness of the fabrics used in trouser socks, you should launder them with care in order to greatly extend the life of your socks. It is best to avoid the washing machine whenever possible and either soak in mild detergent and water, or hand wash whenever possible. Once your socks have been washed and thoroughly rinsed, gently squeeze the water from the garments and lay on a towel to air dry. You can also follow the more complete instructions for washing cashmere socks or caring for wool thremal socks.

If you find that you do not have the time to hand wash your nylon trouser socks, you can wash them in the machine in a net bag on the gently cycle and then air dry. Be aware though that the life of your delicates will be greatly decreased by machine washing. Trouser socks are very much like nylons in this respect and are prone to runs when not handled gently.

If you are looking for a fun way to dress up your wardrobe and express yourself for only spare change, then consider adding a few pairs or whimsical or funky trouser socks to your fashion accessories.