The toughest winters call for the toughest measures for clearing snow from driveways and walkways. A winter day just does not seem complete without seeing to the clearing of these pathways.

For most individuals this means paying the neighborhood kids to shovel the walkways and driveways. For other individuals it means waiting on the first winter snow like a kid waiting on Santa Clause.

Individuals who invested the money in purchasing and assembling a snow blower will be joyously humming behind their new snow blowers this winter. Troy-bilt snow blowers seem to fit the criteria for most individuals, who comparison shopped for their snow blower.

Even with comparison shopping, the prices lead right back to the Troy-bilt blowers. On the heavy end of the Troy-bilt line of quality snow blowers is the powerful dual-staged Briggs & Stratton engine.

This Troy-bilt blower cuts a 24-inch path with no problems at all on grades that are gently sloped. An all wheel drive system draws up snow with the help of a 12-inch powerful auger intake action that is used in conjunction with an impeller.

A six geared speed with a two reverse geared system, this Troy-bilt dual-stage snow blower has adjustable 10-inch skid shoes. Although some dual-stage fuel tanks only have a storage capacity of two gallons, it still gets the job done long before they need to be topped off with a refill.

Depending on the snow conditions, it should last a few hours of running time before refilling. Although the snow blower has great control and maneuverability, traction of the tires may be an issue. Purchasing tire chain grips will greatly enhance the grip and traction with this dual-stage blower.

Most dual-stage Troy-bilt snow blowers are pull start and electric, which really makes it easy to choose which one you want to use. Troy-bilt uses a weather tough and seasoned engine line that starts every time it is asked, and is design for some pretty frigid temperatures.

It is designed to start the first time the pull rope is pulled, or electric button is pushed. Most snow blow owners are delighted to have a snow blower that can easily chew up and spit out the wet slushy and sometimes hardened snow the snowplows leave piled up at the end of their drives.

Troy-bilt snow blowers really make nice work of this nasty chore. The heavy-duty two stage Troy-bilt snow blowers are really useful in graduated slopes and steeper terrains. The higher horsepower model will thoroughly take out the toughest snow job, while being easy on the handler.

The upswing to a Troy-bilt blower is that it does not have to be mixed with oil and gas with the 4 cycle models. Although the Troy-bilt blower in the heavy duty dual-stage creeps up in price, it can not be beat for its durability and sustainability.

Year after year, when it comes to the toughest weather condition, these snow blowers really stand up to every job it they are put to the test on. This snow blower should be purchased well before Santa Clause has a chance to deliver them.