Though Troy bilt is a reputable company having manufactured the first rototiller in 1937, the company has undergone a lot of transformation which seems to be affecting the customer service and support people get. If you own or intend to buy a troy bilt lawn mower it is worthwhile to keep these features in mind.

The history of the manufacturers of troy bilt lawn mower goes thus. Mtd is the company that presently holds the brand of troy bilt lawn mowers. It however bought the brand from garden way which used to be the owners and makers of troy bilt lawn mowers. Garden ways had bought up troy bilt and bolens equipment another great manufacturer of lawn makers. It look like the bolen design were immersed into the troy bilt brand mane and hence the troy bilt lawn mower was born. Bolen is a long standing pioneer in garden tractor design and manufacturing, scoring a number of first in these area and becoming famous for these. Some of the innovation in the belts of the power behind troy bilt lawn mowers is the first compact tractor, the first self contained four wheel riding garden tractor, the first mulching mower design and one of the first hydrostatic transmission in a garden tractor. Quite a reputable heritage behind the troy bilt lawn mower. It looks like though after mtd bought bolen which had troy bilt lawn mowers already they only seem to have kept the low end models of troy bilt. One wonders what the rationale of keeping the low end models of the troy bilt lawn mowers knowing well the reputable back end tradition they always had. I guess it is business as usual.

Presently a range of walk behind and riding lawn mowers are available under the troy bilt lawn mower brand name. key features of the walk behind troy bilt lawn mowers include the select speed transmission to enable you select and maintain easily your perfect speed. Another feature present is the ability to adjust the height of you troy bilt lawn mower with a single touch. The troy bilt walk behind lawn mower comes with a rear wheel drive that gives you the ultimate traction you need when mowing in any condition and even uphill. On some select troy bilt lawn mower are 12" rear high wheels that give maximum maneuverability. His is perfect for uneven terrains and navigating obstacles. The premium engines that powers the troy bilt lawn mowers offers easy starting and great power. The various model come in 3 in 1 capability of doing mulching, side discharge and rear bag. They also have the self propelled and push models. The TB300 xp is an electric start model, while the TB83k and the TB86k come with kohler engines. The price range for the troy bilt walk behind lawn mower range between $129 and $379. Some models may be available for direct purchase online otherwise you have to look for them at a local retailer.

Key features of the troy bilt riding lawn mowers include the dual lap bars for precise speed and direction control, the premium kohler engine is quieter and runs cooler with less vibration for a more pleasant ride. The Zero turn feature offers maximum maneuverability making mowing quicker and faster. There exist pivoting ground control front axle for a smoother ride and cut and the large 13" front caster wheel for better traction and a smoother ride to. The price range vary from the pricey mustang rzt 50" zero turning troy bilt lawn mower at $2899 to the Pony lawn tractor 42" 7 speed troy bilt lawn mower for $1099. When it comes to buying troy bilt lawn mowers the ball is really in the court of the user.