If you are considering the type of Halloween fancy dress costume to choose for your party then you may like to think about going as Bill Comton the modern day vampire. True Blood is a very popTrue Blood Bill Compton Costumeular television series which focuses on the population of a Mississippi town made up of humans, shape shifters and of course vampires.

The television series is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books written by Charlaine Harris. The main character, Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress who gets involved with a vampire called Bill Compton. If you are looking for a real easy costume then consider dressing as the man himself or as his Nordic boss Eric Northman.

Bill Compton Halloween Costume – The True Blood Modern Day Vampire Costume
There are a couple of very basic things that you will need if you want to dress up as a vampire. This is no exception if you are wanting to recreate the Bill Compton look.

The Face
Vampires are the undead. They all have very pale skin so this is something that all wannabe vampires will need to emulate. This is a very simple task as all you will need is some white face powder. Cover your whole face with powder and you are one step closer to looking the part.

The Vampire Fangs
The vampire characters in the True Blood television series all have fangs. These are only on display during certain times. This is when the vampire is feeling angry or if he or she is feeling particularly aroused.

As part of your vampire costume, you have to ensure that you get a good set of fangs to wear. These are readily available to buy online or you are sure to find them in your local department store.

The Blood – True Blood
Any self respecting vampire from the town of Bon Temps, where True Blood is set, should have a bottle of blood on hand at all times. Since the vampires have become part of regular society, they had to find something that would replace the need for human blood. A synthetic alternative was created and one of the brands is called True Blood. You can actually buy a drink called True Blood. It looks just like the real deal.

An extra touch to your vampire Halloween costume would be if you dabbed a little drop of red blood like substance on the side of your mouth so that it looks likes you have just had your way with a human.

Bill Compton Clothes
Bill Compton dresses in regular contemporary fashions so the clothes are the easy part. You could simple wear a pair of dark pants with a dark shirt. All you need now is for your girlfriend to dress up as the sexy Sookie Stackhouse and you with have your True Blood Halloween costume set to go.